15 Images That Prove German Shepherds Are The Funniest EVER – We love german Shepherd

15 Images That Prove German Shepherds Are The Funniest EVER

German Shepherds. We know them, and we love them. Why do we love them? Because they are great guard dogs? Great police dogs? Great family dogs?

More! They are everything a dog can be and much, much more. We love them because they make for great companions. Yes, they are loyal and attentive, they are protective and lovable, but they are also funny and sometimes even hilarious.

Many people who have never owned a German Shepherd think of them as serious dogs, but any GSD parent knows better. We know how funny and hilarious they are, in fact, they are some of the funniest dogs around, and the following images prove just that.

1. Yeah, no one can see me here

Invisibility level: Drax from Guardian of the Galaxy

2. Whatcha got there buddy?

Whatever is in there must be irresistibly delicious!

3. This is the opposite of photogenic

What a lovely smile!

4. Probably calling for the Mother Ship to come and get him

I’m sure he’s got a lovely voice though

5. Anyone getting the shining vibes? No? Just me then.

This dog has no respect for privacy, just like all other GSDs

6. That’s what happens when you don’t keep it still!

Seriously, what happened there?

7. Hold on, is that Mark? Hey, Mark, it’s me!

8. I can jump really high, check it

Pretty impressive, huh?

9. Come on, I said no morning photos

He is not a morning person, clearly

10. We’re, uh.. going to a friend’s house

I have a strange feeling my German Shepherds are up to something.

11. Oh, look, a squirrel!

12. Whatcha doing there?

13. Surpriiiiiise!

14. This is a very innocent face, I wonder what disaster is she hiding?

You just know she is hiding something!

15. Oh, you are home early

With a German Shepherd in your life, every day has a surprise, and life is never boring!

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