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A Death Row German Shepherd was Saved by A Goose

A German Shepherd named Rex came to Puriton Horse an Animal Rescue in Somerset, England. He was overly aggressive and mean toward others.

It took him two people to feed him; one person to distract him while the other person puts the bowl of food in the kennel.

At the shelter, staff thought that he was untrainable and that he would end up being euthanized.

Rex would bark and growl fiercely at anyone who came close to him. Even when animals such as rabbits got to close to him , he would try to eat them.

Rex’s story

At three years old, Rex was found chained in a scrapyard. He was then rescued and brought to the shelter.

When he arrived at the previous shelter, he had bitten everyone. Everyone was scared of him; he was so aggressive.

Naturally, everyone was scared of him too at this shelter.

Geraldine story

Geraldine, a goose, was brought to the same shelter after her family have saved her and didn’t want her.

Initially, she befriended other ducks but then she met Rex.

A change in his personality

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This aggression in his personality changed when Rex met Geraldine.

At first, people were afraid for the goose who ,one day, strayed too near to Rex’s place.

However, it was surprise when the two became very good friends. This friendship brought the best out of each of them.

Their friendship

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Rex became a very soft and non-aggressive German Shepherd.

He and the goose would go for walks in the woods and cuddle with each other every night when they go to sleep.

The goose doesn’t leave his side. She runs around him along his side everyday. She also comes to walk with Rex whenever the staff walk him.

Rex and the goose are very affectionate of each other. Rex would lick and kiss the goose head. While the goose would cuddle with him every night when they sleep.

They even have breakfast together.

Credited: Life with Dogs

Share your opinion. Do you think German Shepherds have the biggest and loving heart regardless of their past traumas?


Welcome to my bio everyone, my name is Nada. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals because they are so loving and kind. All they need is you attention, love, and care but I didn't understand them very well because I didn't get the chance to raise them. Well, That changed when my family and I got our first dog Rocky, a German Shepherd. Rocky was fun and loving with funny quirks. Being loyal and protective of us, he made me see the nature of a German Shepherd. Now, we have another German Shepherd named Mia. She is a wonderful dog and a rescue who just needed a second chance in life. Mia has long grown from being a terrified dog to the brave and caring German Shepherd that she is today. P.S: Here is a picture of our beautiful German Shepherd, Mia.

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