A German shepherd dog adorably wakes her owner up. – We love german Shepherd

A German shepherd dog adorably wakes her owner up.

Dog owners, especially German Shepherd dogs’ owners, will definitely relate to this. You are in no need for an alarm anymore, because your dog will just do that job for you. This owner decided to share with us the way his German shepherd dog wakes him up and it’s plain adorable. The dog walked into the room, barked once or twice, and then jumped on the bed. As it seemed, the dog started licking the owner, and the owner adorably played with Linda the German shepherd dog. It seems that she is well cared for and that he loves her deeply. Linda keeps going from side to side; she is so playful, isn’t she? Well, I’d kill for a morning like this one.

German shepherds are known for being the most perfect alarms in the world. So no need to waste your money on alarms, owning a German shepherd dog will be just fine. Known for their big size, German shepherd dogs are highly intelligent dogs, and they are always described as active dogs. They always are eager to learn new things, and they are very curious. They make perfect guard dogs, and they are suitable for search missions. They are overprotective over their family and anything that they think it’s theirs, and so it can be hard to get alone easily with strangers if not socialized properly. These dogs definitely need lots of care, and regular vet checks, and it’s better to read about the breed before adopting or buying a new German shepherd dog. Their average lifespan is 10 years, which is normal for a dog in their size.

So how does your dog wakes you up? Watch the video below and don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.