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How to train a German Shepherd to Attack on Command?

There are some situations where you will need a German Shepherd to attack command.

These situations include a life-threatening danger such as someone robbing you or trying to hurt you in some way.

In these situations, you will definitely need your German Shepherd to attack and protect you.

So, How to train a German Shepherd to attack on command?

To train them effectively, you will need to develop a bond with your dog, teach them basic commands, prepare yourself or another person with protective suits or a bite bar sleeve, teach your dog to attack on command using a cue, and reward them.

How to train a German Shepherd to attack on command

Step one: Develop a bond with your dog

You need to develop a strong bond with your dog so they will listen to you especially when you are giving them them “attack” command.

So how do you develop a strong bond with German Shepherd?

To develop a strong bond with your German Shepherd, you will need to treat as part of your family by loving and caring for them and building a trusting relationship.

For example, you could place your dog’s crate in a place where you spend most of your activities such as the living room.

This way your German Shepherd will spend time and play with you developing the bond between both of you.

You could also exercise your German Shepherd by taking them to a walk. Exercise keeps your dog and you fit as well as make your bond stronger.

Another method is to give your dog treats whenever they do something good. By rewarding them, your dog will associate the behavior positively and is more likely to do it again.

Never scold or punish your German Shepherd as they may become fearful or aggressive. If it happens that they did a bad behavior, just ignore them.

Step two: Teach your German Shepherd basic commands

Before you teach your dog to attack on command, you have to teach them basic commands so they learn to listen to you and become well trained whenever you tell them a certain command to do.

You could teach them basic commands such as come, sit, stand, and stop. To know more about basic command training, check this article.

Step three: Prepare first

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Before you teach your German Shepherd how to attack on command, you need to protect yourself.

To protect yourself, you will need to wear a protective bite bar sleeve that covers all of your arms.

A protective bite bar is necessary to protect yourself from injury. It will mostly protect your arm.

You can also get a dog training bite suit all over your body. It will stop your German Shepherd from biting areas such as the neck, spine, and face.

Step 4: Teach your dog the attack command

After you have prepared yourself, it’s time to teach your dog to attack on command.

To do so, just tap your dog’s face with the gloves. This will irritate your German Shepherd and cause them to attack the glove in anger.

By the time that your dog attack your glove, shout out the word “attack” so that your German Shepherd learns the cue and associate attacking with it.

Step 5: Reward your dog

After your German Shepherd attacks, reward them by giving them treats or praise.

This is really important so that your dog positively associates the treats and praise with attacking on command.

Keep repeating steps 4 and 5 for a week or two so that your dog becomes accustomed to attacking on command.

After a week or two, stand a short distance away from your dog and shout the attack loudly.

How to train your German Shepherd to attack a target on command?

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Once you have taught your German Shepherd to attack on command, it’s time that you teach them to attack something else such as an object.

The reason is that they can learn to attack when there is a danger.

Step one: Get a doll

A doll can be the perfect target for your dog to learn how to attack on command when you tell them too.

Step two: Place the doll in a distance

Place the doll in the distance so your German Shepherd will attack it when you tell them the command.

Step three: Say the attack command

Say the attack command so your German Shepherd knows when to attack.

At first, your dog may get confused and attack your arm instead. This is completely normal as your dog is used to attacking your arm instead of the doll.

Keep repeating this step until they get used to attacking the doll.

Once your German Shepherd attacks the doll, reward them and compliment them with their favorite treats.

Step four: Change the location of the doll

In this step, you can change the location of the doll so your German Shepherd learns to attack the doll when it is in another place or distance.

This reinforces the idea of attacking the doll regardless of where it is.

Point out to the doll and shout the command “attack” so they can attack it. Always give them treats and praise for doing a good job.

How to train a German Shepherd to attack a person on command?

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It is really important that your German Shepherd learns how to attack on command another person.

This action can protect you in times of danger where you are attacked by someone who wants to hurt you such as a robber.

But, how do you train a German Shepherd to attack on command another person?

Before you start the training, you have to teach your German Shepherd the command “stop” so they know when to attack and when to stop.

Then, you will need to get a person and replace them instead of the target.

The person should be wearing a full protective bite bar sleeve or a dog training bite suit that will keep them safe from your dog’s bite.

Then, you will need to follow the same steps that you used when teaching them to attack you or the doll.

However, instead of pointing your finger toward the doll, point your finger toward the person.

What are the criteria that make the German Shepherd a suitable attack dog?

Being a protective breed

It’s one of the most protective breeds including other breeds such as Staffordshire terriers and Belgian shepherds.

They are naturally suspicious and alert so they can protect your family effectively. This breed is highly adaptable and protective of their loved ones.

Being a guard dog

German Shepherds have natural guarding characteristics that can alert you when there is an intruder.

Some of these characteristics are that they have so much energy, pay attention to their dog parents, and are not impulsive.

They are also very protective of their family and loved ones and won’t and will step up to protect them when there is a danger.

What are the best tips to prepare your German Shepherd for attack training?

1.) Treat your German Shepherd with love and attention

If you want your German Shepherd to love, care, and protect you, you have to treat them well with love and attention.

Your German Shepherd is more likely to listen to you when they love and care about you.

However, you got to also be firm and calm when training your dog such as when you train them in obedience commands.

You will also need to socialize your dog so they learn to be okay around people so they don’t become afraid or aggressive with no reason.

This helps differentiate between people that you want your dog to attack and those that you don’t want them to attack.

2.) Start young

It’s really important to start training your German Shepherd while they are young.

By doing so, they understand and know the behaviors to do when given certain commands and training; they grow up to be well-adjusted dogs.

By training your dog, you establish leadership and your dog listens to you. This actually benefits you when you teach them to attack on command.

It is better to do so when they are a puppy than when they are older because they tend to absorb the training more easily.

3.) Find a dog training school

You could also enroll your furry friend in a dog training school that will teach them all about protection training.

This includes how to attack an intruder or any target that is posing a threat.

To do so, research your area for the best dog training school and choose the one most credible and trusted to take care of your dog as well as teach them new things.


Your German Shepherd can easily learn how to attack on command when you train them to do so.

You will need to be patient and firm so your dog listens to you and obeys your commands when you tell them to either attack or stop.

Share your experience with us. Have you taught your German Shepherd to attack on command?


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