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Why do German Shepherds Cry?

Ever wondered if dogs cry? Dogs do cry just like people and German Shepherds are no exception.

So, Why do German Shepherds cry? German Shepherds cry because they are in pain, have separation anxiety, or are stressed out.

However, there are methods and ways to help stop your German Shepherd’s crying.

Why German Shepherds cry?

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A German Shepherd can cry because they are in pain. Your German Shepherd may have an injury in their legs causing them to limp and refuse to walk due to the pain.

This is definitely a sign that they are injured where they will cry out of pain every time that they walk on their legs.

Pain isn’t limited to their legs only, they could have a dental problem in their mouth making them cry.

If you notice that your German Shepherd has trouble eating food, it’s time to go to the vet.

Digestive problems such as bloating and intestinal blockages can cause your dog to cry out because of the pain.

What to do when your German Shepherd is in pain?

If you suspect that your German Shepherd is in pain, go to the vet immediately. But before you do so, observe your dog to know what part of their body is hurting them.

Also, monitor their behavior and look for signs that they are in pain. Here are some of the signs that your German Shepherd needs to go to the vet:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Limping
  • Panting
  • Sleeping more or less than usual

Separation anxiety

A German Shepherd loves to be around their dog parents and people they love; they don’t like being left alone.

So, they are one of the breeds prone to developing separation anxiety whenever you or someone they love leaves home.

They cry to communicate how they are feeling and to bring your attention that they aren’t okay when you or their loved ones are away.

What can you do to calm your German Shepherd from separation anxiety?

If your dog has separation anxiety, you shouldn’t give in to your German Shepherd when they cry so they don’t become anxious every time that you go away.

So how do you deal with your dog? The best action to do is to not overreact when you are about to leave home.

If separation anxiety is mild, you can do some of the methods such as:

  • Give your dog a special dog toy such as a puzzle toy with a treat in it every time that you leave so they can be kept busy and calm down. Take away the toy when you get home.
  • When you come and go, make sure that you don’t give your dog lots of attention. Just ignore them for a couple of minutes before greeting them.
  • After consulting with your vet, give your dog natural calming supplements to help make them less anxious.

To ease severe separation anxiety in a German Shepherd, you got to:

  • Train them to be comfortable staying alone at home. This happens mainly by practicing leaving them for a short period of time. As you leave and return after a short time, they will begin to understand that you leave for a specific period of time and then return.
  • Spend quality time with your German Shepherd so they feel less separated from you.


A German Shepherd may cry because they are stressed out. There are many reasons that they are stressed such as:

  • They are feeling unsafe and threatened
  • your dog may feel that you aren’t safe
  • They are in a new place
  • A German Shepherd may be trying out a new experience and feel stressed out

How to help a German Shepherd stop crying when they are stressed out

First, identify why your dog is stressed out and remove them from the stressful situation. You got to find a quiet place for them to relax in. Take them to this place but don’t comfort them.

By comforting them, you are reinforcing their fears so it’s best to not comfort them at the time.

If you still want to give them a treat or pet them, you got to let them perform a command such as sit or down and then give them the treat.

After giving the treat, they will associate it with the action that they did not their stressor.

If your German Shepherd is constantly stressed out, take them to the vet because the reason may be a medical condition.

If they have a medical problem, your vet will treat them; however, if it is something in their behavior, your vet may refer you to a behaviorist or trainer to help minimize stress in your dog.

Do German Shepherds cry a lot?

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Yes, they can actually cry a lot but there are always reasons for their behavior. Some may actually cry when they play, eat, pet them.

The reason is that they are excited or overwhelmed by the environment that they are in.

German Shepherds are known to be a very vocal breed. They may also cry when they are bored, stretching their bodies, or want attention.

Usually, they outgrow this behavior on their own; however, if they don’t outgrow, you can take them to a behaviorist or dog trainer to help calm them down.

Do German shepherds cry tears?

Yes, German Shepherds cry tears. German Shepherds, like all dogs, have tear ducts that help keep their eyes comfortable and debris out of their eyes.

However, tears drain back into the nasal cavity and throat rather than falling from their eyes. So, if your dog’s tears fall from their eyes, it’s a sign of an underlying medical problem that they have.

The causes of your German Shepherd’s tears fall from their eyes are:

  • An eye infection
  • Allergies
  • A blocked tear duct
  • Damage to the surface of the eye

If your dog cries over a period of days, go to the vet immediately so they can treat your German Shepherd if they have a medical condition.

How to stop German Shepherd whining?

Any dog whines because of different reasons. These reasons include seeking attention for something, communicating that they are excited, being bored, feeling pain or discomfort, stressed out.

If you want to stop your German Shepherd’s whining, you can follow these steps:

  • Observe your dog’s whining so you can understand the different pitches that they use when they want something or feel bad. You can then understand your German Shepherd and what they are trying to communicate with you.
  • Approach your dog carefully because they may be stressed or in pain so you need to handle your dog carefully so they don’t become aggressive due to the pain and stress.
  • Never punish your dog because they may become afraid or anxious which may lead to aggressive behavior.
  • If your dog is fearful or anxious, try to figure out what they are afraid of and train them by desensitizing your dog to overcome their fear.
  • Exercise and provide playtime for your dog so they don’t become bored or have pent up energy that will more likely make them whine. Some of the exercises that you can provide for your German Shepherd include walking, running, and swimming. As for playtime, you can give them toys so they can play with them.
  • Ignore your dog when they whine a lot when it is a habit for them to whine. Once they stop whining, give them praise or a treat so they understand that they have to stop whining.

Related questions

1.) Do German Shepherds need a lot of attention?

Yes, German Shepherds need a lot of attention compared to other breeds. They will need lots of exercise and attention so they can be happy.

To know the types of exercise to give to your German Shepherd, check How Much Exercise does your German Shepherd Need?

2.) Can German Shepherds be left alone during the day?

You can leave your German Shepherd but not for a very long time. The right amount to leave your adult German Shepherd is 4 to 6 hours.

However, if your German Shepherd is a puppy, you shouldn’t leave them for more than 2 hours because they have low bowel capacity and aren’t accustomed to being left alone for long periods of time.


German Shepherds cry because they are either in pain, stressed out, or have separation anxiety.

Even though they may cry a lot, you can help stop their crying using certain methods.

They are a really vocal breed so it will take some time. A German Shepherd cries like a human with one exception that their tears don’t fall from their eyes.

The tears drain back into their nasal cavity and throat. If their tears fall from their eyes, then there is an underlying medical condition that they have.

Observe your dog to know what’s the cause of their crying so you can identify the reasons and help minimize your dog’s crying.

Share your experience. Why does your German Shepherd cry and what ways do you use to stop their crying?



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