20+ Cute german shepherd puppies will Take Your Breath Away – We love german Shepherd

20+ Cute german shepherd puppies will Take Your Breath Away

Do you really like German Shepherd dogs, and want to hear their story? Well, those cute german shepherd puppies will Take Your Breath Away!

Hello there, so you want to see us, know more about us, and most probably befriend us. Okay, human, you brought this load of cuteness to yourself.

We, cute German Shepherd puppies are one of America’s most popular dog breeds, actually according to AKC, we are the second most popular dogs, after our friends the retrievers. Do you know them?


Anyways, we are very funny, friendly and funny again; because we are super funny.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies showing how funny he is.
Can you do this?
Credit: Giphy

Sometimes you humans confuse us. How? I’ll give you an example. In instance, when we chew and destroy your stuff, you get so angry. Why is that, human?

One of the cute German shepherd puppies wondering

We know that you like your stuff, and we like it too! However, we both like it differently; you like to wear it, and I like to chew it!

One of the cute German shepherd puppies chewing his owner's shoes.
Oh! Is that new? Can I destroy it? Please!

Moreover, We sleep a lot when we are still cute German shepherd puppies, but because we are preparing our self to be strong, healthy German shepherd when we grow up.

Hawm, let me just take a nap, and I’ll be with you again.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies is taking a nap.
I’ll just take a nap. You stay here, don’t go anywhere.

So, as I told you, we are originally herding dogs, so, we were born for this.

Yes, we are cute German shepherd puppies, but we are from the shepherds; we are strong, trainable and can fight.

 German shepherd puppy playing with his dad
Watch out, dad. I am dangerous!

Not just that, but even if we are cute German Shepherd puppies, we are trained to be strong, powerful dogs; to keep you safe.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies looking for danger
Where is that thief? Oh, hi friend! Looking good.

At that age we love to play, a lot! Yes, you should train us like basics orders, but, let us play more; because we are still cute German shepherd puppies, we still have time.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies want to play
Want to play?

Sometimes, things get out of control, and we become annoying. A little bit annoying, not very, just a little bit.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies annoys his/her mother
Okay, mom. I was just getting my ball.

Cute enough!

We become so protective by time. Oh, who are you? You are new here or what? Speak!

One of the cute German shepherd puppies talking to himself in the mirror
Hey! It’s my house, and my bed.

We love our cat friends, we really do. And we can live together in peace; but, when they stop being crazy.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies sleeping
Look! That’s what I am talking about.Can’t you see I am sleeping!

We, cute German shepherd puppies are really sensitive, loyal and we are always here for our loved ones.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies taking care of his brother
Don’t worry. Everything will be just fine.

Because, we know that our loved ones are always here for us, too.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies sleepy
Yeah, this spot. Exactly!

However, We are not like that just because we are cute German shepherd puppies, we grow up to be cute German shepherd dogs, too!

German shepherd puppies surprised
What do you mean of you don’t believe me?
I’ll show you!

Cute German Shepherd Puppies Becoming Adults

Above all, when we grow up, we share with you all your happy events. And we can go silly together.

One of the cute German shepherd puppies grew up to be acute German shepherd dog.
Seriously! Where is yours?

We know how to deal with kids. We can understand how silly they can be, and sometimes we love them anyway!

German Shepherd dog watching a puppy
Hi, silly!

And when I say kids, I mean both; because, I love human kids and puppies.

a Kid giving a German shepherd is treat
Don’t eat that. It’s mine!

We can take good care of them, guard them and help them feel loved and safe.

A girl is playing with er German shepherd friends
Got it.

Moreover, I can be very helpful for you, too. I can wake you up if you overslept. Actually, it is my breakfast time, you have to wake up!

German Shepherd waking up his friend

You can train me to do whatever you want. I am a very smart dog.

German Shepherd is having a training session.
Wait. Did you hear that?

However, We still can do silly stuff, too. Oh my god. look at that thing moving?

German Shepherd playing with the shadow
Hey! What are you?

We love company, and we love to play and feel loved.

German Shepherd waking up his brother

Food, food, food! We love food; fancy, sheep, healthy, unhealthy; all kind of foods.

German Shepherd eating with his friend
You finished your plate already?


We love making new friends. I really don’t know what’s wrong with this cat!

A cat hitting a German Shepherd on the face
Oh, you still crazy! What did I do?

Well, a side note; we can’t stand the heat. You really should keep us cool in summer.

German Shepherd relaxing

Look who is annoying now? Unbelievable! Why don’t you let me destroy it?

German Shepherd dog being annoying
No, you leave it. I took it first.

Did I mention before that we love kids? We do. We really do love kids, and we are so gentle with them.

german shepherd is being gentle to a kid
I will just stay here, leaving you doing your thing.

Crazy cat! Okay, apology accepted. just chill.

A German shepherd showing love to the cat
I still love you, crazy cat.

One last thing, we miss you a lot when you go for work. Although, We know that you have to do it, but we love having you around us all the time.

German Shepherd waiting for his friend
You are late!

We love you. You, humans, are our friends, we love to protect, play and stay with you. You are all that we have!

A German Shepherd and his owner showing love to each other.
Love you too, human.

Now, that you are here. Do you need any other reason to love us?
Comment below if you found us cute enough.

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