Dog Walks Around The World – We love german Shepherd

Dog Walks Around The World

Dogs love walks, but probably no dog has ever taken a longer walk than this dog.

Tom Turcich began his walk in 2015, and he started his walk with a simple 2,000 miles-walk from his home in New Jersey to his home in Austin, Texas. Over 2,000 miles, he began to think of getting some company for his long walks.

He wanted a loyal friend who would keep his company everywhere he goes, and he found his perfect companion in, of course, a dog!

Credit: The Dodo

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He visited an adoption center where he fell in love with 3-months-old Savannah.

“I asked if I could hold her and once I did I knew she was the one for me,I don’t know exactly what it was about Savannah, but she was the only dog I felt a connection with. I just had a feeling we’d get along.”

” Turcich told The Dodo. “

And they did, much more than he could ever expect.

Credit: The Dodo

But how long did their journey go for?

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