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15 foods dogs cant have! Results shocked me, too!

Sharing your tasty food with your beloved four-legged German Shepherd friend can be tempting, but what if your delicious food is poisonous for your dog? Here’s a list of foods dogs cant have.

Those irresistible eyes standing there; staring at your food and you are thinking: “It’s a little bit, it won’t hurt my dog from the very first bit!”. I have been there, I know that it is very hard to say no for those amazing eyes and this cute face, but you have to.

What are you eating?

Well, I don’t want to be the one who tells you the bad news, and I know how those eyes can be irresistible. But your amazing, tasty food can be so poisonous to your German Shepherd dog; this tiny bit can cause your dog some real problems.

Without further delay, let’s see what are the 15 foods your dogs can’t have:

Foods dogs cant have from your kitchen.

German Shepherd dogs are extremely curious, they like trying new foods, and they can sneak to your kitchen and taste some, without you even know. They don’t know that those are foods dogs cant have. All they know that these foods smell weird and they want to taste some.


Those two; roe, cooked, powdered or even dehydrated can kill your German Shepherd dog’s blood cells, in the long term. However, if you let your dog eat a lot of it once, it can cause and immediate poisoning.


Raw meat and fish, and some searches added raw eggs to the list; can have bacteria in that can be poisonous to your dog. But, those foods can be so tempting for a dog to try. So, if you are going to cook some today just keep your German Shepherd dog away from the kitchen, till you fully cook them, and then give your dog some to try.


If you are one of the amazing women that like to bake at home, let me first tell you how amazing you are, and then tell you please keep this yeast dough away from your dog’s mouth.

Well, let me explain how dangerous it is to your dog’s stomach. If you left some yeast dough in your kitchen before putting it in the oven, what happens to it? It rises, right? That’s exactly what will happen in your dog’s stomach if he/she ate it. The Yeast dough will make your dog’s stomach stretch, not to mention that it can cause alcohol poisoning when the yeast ferments the dough.

So, no your German Shepherd dog can’t have this, please keep it away.


Those are one of the highest toxic items that your German Shepherd dog can secretly grab it from your kitchen, and can hurt him/her so bad. So, if you have a German Shepherd dog that you know he/she can be in the kitchen at any time, don’t put those anywhere he/she can reach.


I know it’s not food, but I had to mention this while we are still talking about foods German Shepherd dogs cant have without your knowledge. We all do mistakes we can leave our medicine anywhere maybe you were in a hurry. But, if you have dogs or kids, keep all your medicines away from their reach.

The same thing applies for bodybuilding supplements, its meant to be for your muscles, not for your dog.


Salt and sugar are very bad for your German Shepherd dog’s health, even if they like sugary stuff, we all do. But, even if it is not good for our health, it will not cause us serious problems, but it will for a dog. Those foods can cause extreme thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature, and even death.

German Shepherd telling a dog that we are making a list of foods dogs cant have
Let’s go little, tiny dog they are making a list of foods dogs cant have!
Credit: Giphy

Foods dogs cant have from your plate.

Now, let’s move to foods dogs cant have from your plate, while you are watching TV, enjoying your favorite movie, Or when you are talking to a friend on phone and left your plate on the table.

German Shepherd dogs like sharing, and we love sharing the things we love with them, too. But these list is a list of foods dogs cant have from your plate:


Gums, candies, diet foods, and birthday cakes or any baked goods. Your German Shepherd dogs can’t have those foods, no matter how tasty those foods are for you, it can cause you dog liver failure within just a few days. And before that, your dog will suffer vomiting and will not feel well.

So, I know that he/she really want some, and you don’t mind sharing, but please don’t.


Well, I believe that you already knew that one I mean who needs a drunk German Shepherd dog in his house! No seriously, don’t share alcohol with your dog; it has the same effect on his/her liver and brain that it has on people.

The trick here is that it takes time on people, but for dogs, it can cause breathing problems, diarrhea, vomiting in just like that, and things can get much worse.


Those sweet fruits can cause kidney failure to dogs, and I mean just the small amount of it, large amounts are not an option. Grapes and Raisins can make your dog really sick.


I know that you now are wondering who will give his dogs pure coconut oil to drink? right? Well, coconut-based products may not be so harmful to your dog. But, fresh coconuts and milk of fresh coconuts can be so harmful to your dog.

Fresh coconut and coconut milk contain oils that can cause your German Shepherd dog diarrhea and stomach upset.


Avocado contains something called persin. Some people are allergic to it, so they also can’t have it, but for dogs, it’s a little bit different. Avocados can cause dogs diarrhea or vomiting.

Actually, I am not only talking about the Avocados that are in your plate only, but I am also talking about its leaves, seeds, and everything that is related to it. So if you grow avocados at your backyard, keep your German Shepherd dog from it, too.


Yes, this one breaks my heart, too. But, it is true, our German Shepherd dogs cant have chocolates, they can’t share with us the pure happiness we reach when we eat chocolate.

Chocolate contains something called methylxanthines, which is found in the seeds of the cacao, its also in nuts and coffee, that’s why they are in the foods dogs can’t have list.

Chocolate can cause abnormal heart rhythm, panting, and diarrhea. Not just that, I can feel that you are wondering if you can give your dog dark chocolate, cause they are good for your diet, right?

Absolutely not, you can’t give your dog any chocolate, and especially the dark ones, it is more dangerous than the white chocolate.


Don’t hate me, but nuts including almonds, macadamia, walnuts, and other nuts can make your German Shepherd dog’s muscles shake, weakness in his back leg. Not to mention, the vomiting and high-temperature symptoms.


Those caffeine’s products can be fatal. And be aware that caffeine is not only in tea and coffee, the caffeine beans can be used in cocoa, energy drinks, some sweets and also some pain killers.


Summer is almost here, and summer means more Ice-cream, right? I agree with you, and I know how hard summer can be. But, don’t give your German Shepherd dog any diary products, please.

Your dog’s stomach can’t handle milk and milk-based products, cause they don’t possess the required amounts of lactose, so it can cause them diarrhea and stomach upset for a long time.

However, I agree with you that you should keep your beloved dog cool in the summer. German Shepherd dogs can’t handle hot weather like us, so you need to keep them cool. Therefore, Here are 8 Useful tips to keep dogs cool in summer.

A German Shepherd dog searching for food that is on the foods dogs cant have list
Where is food? What are you hiding from me?
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I know that is sometimes very hard to keep attention to all those little details, but keeping your German Shepherd dog healthy and happy is not an easy mission.

Actually, being his/her parent, makes you the only one responsible for him/her, the only one who can give him/her the love and care he/she needs. It is not easy, I know, no said it will be easy.

But, that’s why we are here. to make raising a dog in your home easier and more fun. If you want to know more about what your German Shepherd can eat, you can check this article, and if you have any questions, comment below and we will be so happy to amswer.

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