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How and When you should groom german shepherd dog puppies?

With summer just around the corner, german shepherd dog puppies owners start to think of grooming their puppy’s coats. But when and how they should do it? Let’s See!

It is very important to learn as much as possible about your German Shepherd dog breed to be able to take care of him/her appropriately and make sure that he/she id living his best life.

Although the grooming part is not the most important thing you should know about your German Shepherd, it is a very critical and sensitive part of his/her life that you should pay a lot of attention to it.

Here’s some important information about coats and shedding before we start:

The puppy coat

When your German Shepherd puppies were born, they had a thick and fluffy coat; that keeps their little bodies safe from cold, and protected their tiny bodies tell they became 4 to 6 months and the grew their new adult coats.

At about the 4 to 6 months of age, all of the puppy hair has to go, and the new adult dog coat starts to increase. After that, your puppy’s coat type will start to be more obvious.

german shepherd dog puppies
Who is ready for shedding!

There are 3 different German Shepherd coats; short coat, medium coat, and long coat. However all coats shed all year long, so soon or later you will have to deal with it.

Shedding Season

German Shepherd dog coats are so sensitive to the weather changes, so when winter approaches their coats will naturally start to grow their winter coat; to keep them warm in the cold weather.

The same things happen in summer when days get longer and summer vibes are all over the place. German Shepherd winter coats start to fall out, and your German Shepherd dog coat will increase.

Of course, that’s not the case all the time. Sometimes, your German Shepherd dog loses his/her because of health issues, and that’s when you need to visit his/her veterinarian.

Health Issues

Poor Diet

What your dogs eat is a very important element in your dog’s coat health. High quality foods can keep your dog healthy that will reflect on how healthy his/her coat is.

Similarly, if your German Shepherd dog didn’t get his/her balanced diet; protein, essential fatty acids, and other elements, –you can find here more about what is the best dog food for a German shepherd-; it will affect his/her coat health.

Pain and Stress

If your German Shepherd dog started to lose a lot of hair, and you started to worry about him/her. First of all, check if something is stressing him/her out; it can be simple things like unusual sounds, unfamiliar places or new visitors they don’t like them much.

Once you figure out the reason that stresses your dog out, remove it and that will help your German Shepherd dog return calm, and will diffidently stop him/her from losing hair.

german shepherd dog puppies
Tired puppy..

However, maybe stress was not the reason, and your dog may be in pain and he/she can’t tell me, but his/her body is showing you that there is a problem.

Therefore, check if there are any other symptoms, If you found that your dog’s temperature is high, vomiting or not feeling well overall; he may have eaten something he shouldn’t eat it, and his/her body is reacting to it.

You can check foods dogs can’t have form here. If you think that he did eat something that could hurt him/her, or not and he/she still not feeling well, ask an expert veterinary.

How you should groom german shepherd dog puppies?

German Shepherd dog puppies are very smart, they can learn really quick. However, they are still babies, they have to get used to stuff before you start using it on them.

Well, let me explain. A new puppy’s first-day groom is similar to a human kid’s first-day hair cut. It’s new, not all of the kids will react the same first time, so are German Shepherd puppies; don’t accept that all German Shepherd puppies will get used to grooming from the very first time.

Therefore, first-time German shepherd dog puppies grooming should be a pleasant and very cheerful experience.

Help your German Shepherd dog puppies get used to the groomer at home.

Your German Shepherd puppy needs to feel safe around the groomer, he/she needs to trust the groomer. Therefore you should introduce your German Shepherd puppy to the groomer first, even before he/she gets his/her first professional grooming experience.

Before the first grooming appointment:

  • Start by gently touch your puppy’s body, with your hands first, everyday including his head, ears paws, and tail.

  • Begin using a brush, start combing his coat slowly, if he didn’t like it first; let him/her play with it. Then start moving it slowly till he gets used to it.
  • Lastly, start introducing him/her to the sound of the groomer, and I highly recommend this HOMEGROOMER for German Shepherd puppies.
german shepherd dog puppies
Home Groomer

Because usually, my dog doesn’t like the groomers noise, and that one you can barely hear its sound. Also, it doesn’t heat up, so it’s safe for the puppy’s sensitive skin, and it saves a lot of money; you can have it NOW and SAVE 24%.

Starting slowly will help your pup get used to the groomer sound, and how they feel when it touches their body; which will make it easier for you and them in the big day.

The first grooming appointment:

Many professional groomers recommend that the first German Shepherd dog puppies grooming appointment should include: bathing, a light brushing out, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Still, we do recommend that the first date should be short and fast, because your puppy is not used, yet, to stand along time, with strangers touching them everywhere.

When you should groom German Shepherd dog puppies?

German Shepherd is a double-coated dog breed. Which means that there are two layers of coats on their body.

1- Brushing

If your German Shepherd puppy is very active and plays a lot, his/her coat will most likely get dirty fast and can catch fleas and ticks easily. Therefore, we believe you should consider brushing him/her 3 to 4 times per week.

2- Bathing

Your German Shepherd puppy doesn’t need to bath a lot, actually, if you bath your German Shepherd dog too often, it can cause your dog skin problems and harm their coat.

Therefore, a bath once every month is fine, or if he/ she exercises a lot, you can give him/her a bath after their training session; to keep them cool and clean.

3- Teeth

You need to keep that mouth clean; not just because of the smell, but also to avoid teeth and gums pain if they are not clean enough.

But, be aware you can’t brush your German Shepherd teeth harshly; you don’t want to harm your puppies gum or teeth. Therefore, you can use this GENTLEBRUSH, it is so simple to use and very gentle on your dog’s teeth. You can have it NOW and SAVE 29%.

4- Ears

Your German Shepherd ears should be checked once a week. Dog’s ear can develop a lot of wax that if you left it can cause to your dog infection.

Therefore, you have to make sure your German Shepherd dog’s ear is clean every week. And more important note; don’t clean it with water, in fact, no water should ever enter your dog’s ear ever, even while bathing. Water is very dangerous and can cause serious infection to your dog.

The right way of cleaning your dog’s ears is with ear drops, you should ask your veterinarian to give it to you, then take a soft cloth and massage the ear gently.

5- Nails

Your German Shepherd dog nails should be checked once a week. Nail trimming is a very important part of your german shepherd dog puppies grooming.

If you left your dog’s nail too long, it can crack, and maybe worse, it can harm his/her quick. You can know more about why it is important to keep your German Shepherd dog’s nail short, here.

And if you are having trouble doing any of this by yourself, you can always ask for help.

Grooming final tips!

  1. Always find a place that is quiet and stress-free, to help your German Shepherd puppy feel comfortable while grooming.
  2. Puppies are like kids, they are allowed to do silly moves and be playful. If you found that your puppy is so active, just postpone grooming for later.
  3. Keep talking to your dog, so he/she feels safe and comfortable. Distract him/her on focusing on what you are doing, or the tools you are holding.
  4. Look carefully inside your dog’s ears, and while brushing your dog’s hair; if you found anything that requires an experience opinion, don’t hesitate to ask his/her veterinary.
  5. Be gentle, and don’t get angry. Remember, he is just a puppy.
german shepherd dog puppies
Clean puppy, a happy puppy!

German shepherd puppies are the kindest, funniest, smartest and the most loyal dog breeds. They know who really loves the, and know-how to show him/her that they love him/her, too.

Therefore, if you own a German Shepherd puppy that loves you, consider yourself a lucky owner. And show your German Shepherd the love and care he/she needs.

Now, why don’t you share with us your very first German Shepherd puppy grooming experience? I bet you all have some very funny stories to share!

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