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German Shepherd Rescued From a Tree – And The Story Only Gets Funnier

Firefighters in Lathrop found themselves in quite an unusual situation when they got a call about a dog stuck in a tree.

Even Sharon, the owner of the German Shepherd, says she never expected to make this phone call to 911 in her life.

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On Thursday, Thurston, the owner, took the two-year-old dog off the leash for just a few minutes and before she realized it, the German Shepherd was already on her way.

Credit: Lathrop Manteca Fire District

The German Shepherd bolter after a cat, and ended up in a tree before the woman realized what was even happening.

Before she knew it, her dog was already up on the tree

She looked up and her heart immediately dropped to the ground, fearing her beloved GSD will fall off the tree. She called her neighbors asking for help but they suggested calling the fire department instead.

Needless to say, the firefighters were quite surprised by the call. Larry Madoski who took the call about the dog trapped in the tree chuckled and thought to himself “Well, this is a first”.

He placed a phone call to make sure this was not a prank, but when he made sure it was actually real, he sent help instantly.

Firefighter Marty Ortiz quickly came to the scene and went to work right away.

“It’s not your typical everyday call. I think in my 10 years of experience of being in fire/EMS, that’s the first I heard of a dog in a tree. You can see a full grown German Shepherd perched a top a large tree and you can see the cat at the end of the limb, and they were still interacting with each other.

 firefighter Marty Ortiz

The firefighters quickly got a ladder up a tree and Ortiz made his way up the tree to reach the dog. It turned out the dog was unable to come because she was tangled.

Ortiz used “fido bag” that contains a dog bowl for water and they were able to get the dog down harmlessly. The dog has since then recovered and is now back to her normal self.

Needless to say, the cat got down by herself without needing anyone’s help.

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