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Are German Shepherds Mean?

A German Shepherd is a very intelligent and beautiful dog. They have a lot of positive qualities that make them a really special dog to have.

But, sometimes their appearance can be intimidating to some people. With their strong and large body, a German Shepherd makes some people afraid.

But, are German Shepherds mean?

No, German Shepherds aren’t mean at all. They have a loving and caring nature that makes them very good with families and kids.

They are also very protective and friendly toward their dog parents and loved ones.

However, they can be aggressive if they haven’t received proper training and socialization.

What is the temperament of a German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd dog is a really active dog with high energy levels. They do require lots of exercise because they have so much pent up energy.

They need to have both mental and physical exercises so you can challenge both their mind and body.

German Shepherds are considered a really calm breed that is very self-assured. They are very smart and quick to new commands and can even learn new roles and jobs.

A German Shepherd loves to always have a role and thrives when working as police dogs, military dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and other important roles.

They have a strong need to please their dog parents so they are highly trainable and adaptable dogs.

A German Shepherd is very aloof toward strangers but when they get to know a person, they start to become more friendly and loyal toward their loved ones.

To know the complete profile for a German Shepherd, check The History, Origin, and Profile of a German Shepherd Dog.

Are German Shepherds aggressive?

Although German Shepherds have a reputation to be very aggressive, most German Shepherds are innately not aggressive dogs.

However, if your train your German Shepherd to be aggressive, they will become dangerous.

For example, if you are teaching your dog to be a guard dog, you can expect that their aggressive tendencies to be encouraged.

You can also train your German Shepherd using positive reinforcement to perform certain commands and training.

This is the safest and most effective way for your German Shepherd to be trained and have a well-balanced personality.

If by chance, you find that your German Shepherd’s temperament is aggressive, it is important to not encourage this behavior.

For example, if you find that your German Shepherd is aggressive toward other dogs, people, and animals, you got to stop them immediately.

This mainly happens by showing your dog that this behavior isn’t acceptable and teaching them how to interact with other people, dogs, and animals.

If you don’t train your German Shepherd, you run the risk that they become aggressive.

Tips to stop your German Shepherd aggression

1.) Keep your German Shepherd on a leash

You have to keep your German Shepherd on a leash so there is a safe distance among your dog, people, and other animals.

By keeping them in the leash, you have greater control over your German Shepherd’s actions so they don’t hurt other people and dogs.

2.) Observe your dog’s body language

You can prevent your dog’s aggressive behavior by understanding their triggers and observing their behavior when it changes to aggressiveness.

Here are some of the signs that your dog is in an aggressive mood:

  • showing their teeth
  • low pitch bark or growl
  • An aggressive stance

3.) Enroll your dog in obedience classes and training with professionals

If you can’t find change your German Shepherd’s aggressiveness, then you can take them to obedience classes and training with dog behaviorists.

4.) Let your dog get physical exercise

This is a very effective method where you prevent your German Shepherd aggressiveness by providing them with the exercise that they need each day.

German Shepherds have a ton of energy so they need a form of outlet that can release all the pent up energy that they have.

Their stress and anxiety levels will drop dramatically.

By tiring your German Shepherd, they will be less likely to be aggressive, destructive in their behavior, and vocal with their barking.

5.) Give your dog mental exercise to do

Because German Shepherds are very intelligent, they need to have mental exercises that they can do.

Mental exercises challenge your dog’s mind and keep them preoccupied.

Basic obedience training is one of the many mental exercises that your dog can engage in; they learn and become well trained.

You can give your dog puzzles and games that will use their minds.

It is recommended that you spend 30 to 45 minutes a day mentally exercising your dog.

6.) Socialize your dog

It’s really important to let your dog socialize and interact with other people and dogs so they learn how to be comfortable around them.

By doing so, your dog is less likely to become aggressive. Instead, they will learn to not be afraid or violent with others and become friendly with them.

Are German Shepherds friendly?

German Shepherds are aloof and antisocial by nature when meeting new people.

Despite early socialization and training of German Shepherds, they still remain naturally standoffish.

The main reason comes from their nature as guard dogs which is innate causing them to become distrusting and cautious around those that they don’t know.

However, they tend to be very devoted and loving toward their dog parents and loved ones.

They hold really strong bonds with their families and loved ones where they are very loyal to the point that they can sacrifice themselves when there is a danger.

Are German Shepherds good family dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds make good family dogs due to their calm and caring temperament.

German Shepherds are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They can easily learn what you teach them to do.

Also, they are very caring and loyal to their dog parents which makes them a lovely companion to have.

They require frequent exercise so they will keep you fit as well when you walk, jog, or do any activity with them.

Are German Shepherds good with kids?

Yes, German Shepherds are good with kids because they have positive qualities such as a loving and tolerant nature that work well when they are around kids.

They are also very caring despite their menacing appearance so they will take care of your kids.

Other qualities they have are their calm nature that mainly depends on the environment that they were raised in and how the breeder dealt with your dog when they were a puppy.

Another situation that dog parents deal with happens when they welcome an infant into their family. So, are German Shepherds good with babies too?

Yes, German Shepherds are also good with babies provided that they take proper training before the baby arrives.

You will need to teach them how to behave when they are around the baby especially when they are in a cradle, stroller, floor so they don’t accidentally push them and make them fall.

Also, you will need to teach them not to jump or play roughly around the baby.

To know more about how to stop a German Shepherd from jumping on people, check How to Stop Your German Shepherd from Jumping on people?

Are German Shepherds protective dogs?

Yes, German Shepherds are very protective dogs that have proved their loyalty greatly when their dog parents and loved ones were in danger.

They are very protective because their natural instinct is to protect those close to them.

However, they can become really overprotective when they aren’t properly socialized and trained in basic obedience training.

To train them effectively, you got to use positive reinforcement.

Related questions

1.) How are German Shepherd with other dogs?

German Shepherds aren’t aggressive toward other dogs if they received proper socialization and training to learn how to interact with other dogs and follow commands.

It is preferably that they start at a young age where they will absorb everything that you teach them easily because puppies are more likely to learn faster than adult dogs.

To properly socialize your dog, introduce them to other dogs and people slowly. For example, go to the park with your dog to meet new people and other dogs.

2.) Are German Shepherds good with cats?

In some situations, German Shepherds can be good with cats. This mainly depends on their socialization with cats especially while growing up.

German Shepherds are very intelligent to know how to be gentle with cats if they were properly socialized.

However, if a German Shepherd wasn’t socialized with a cat, they will innately chase after a cat. It is in their genes so they can’t help it.

So, if you want to replace this behavior, you must start early on when they are a puppy so they grow knowing that a cat is their friend.


German Shepherds aren’t mean dogs at all. They are, in fact, very loving and caring dogs who will always be there for dog parents and loved ones.

Depending on how you treat your German Shepherd, they can grow up to be either fearful or calm in their personality.

So, you got to always be loving and caring toward your dog. Train and socialize them so they grow into well-adjusted dogs.

Finally, take care of your furry friend in other aspects that affect them.

Share your opinion. Do you think that German Shepherds are mean?


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