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German Shepherds Jobs to Help You at Home Right Now

German Shepherds can help you at home with lots of different jobs. These jobs will help them learn how to keep things in place.

So, what are the jobs that a German Shepherd can help you at home?

German Shepherds can mainly help with chores at home. They can help with chores such as picking their toys up, turning off the light, closing the door.

As well as picking up laundry and separating the dirty ones from the clean ones. They can also load up the dishwasher.

Are there German Shepherds who help around home?

Yes, there are German Shepherds who can help with chores around home.

They are very intelligent and quick learners who can learn many different things including helping you out with chores.

One of these German Shepherds who can help out around home with activities such as picking their toys and mopping the floor.

He can also load and unload the dishwasher after getting trained to do so. He can also dust and can put the toilet seat down.

Finally, they can do the laundry by picking out dirty laundry and putting it where it belongs.

His role isn’t limited to house chores, he can also protect his family whenever there is danger or someone trying to enter the house.

What kind of jobs to teach your German Shepherd around the house?

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You can teach your German Shepherd many jobs to do around home.

However, before teaching your German Shepherd these jobs, you must teach them obedience training.

They must follow obedience training because it is the foundation of your dog’s learning including knowing how to do different chores around your home.

If you want to know how to teach your German Shepherd basic obedience training, check How to Train A German Shepherd on Basic Obedience Training and Much More!

1.) Picking up their toys

You can teach your German Shepherd to pick up their toys after they play. This is a very simple chore that will prevent a mess in your home.

How to teach your dog to pick up their toys?

To teach your dog to pick up their toys after playtime, you got to follow certain steps.

Teach them the “take it” command

In this step, hold a toy in your hands and move it around to excite them. Just before they grab it, tell them the command “take it”.

When they do take the toy, mark their behavior with a “good” or a click. After that, give them treats and praise them for doing a good job.

Teach them the “drop it” command

After teaching them to take the toy, you will need to teach them to drop it. Make sure that your dog is holding the toy. Also, you got to have a treat in your hands.

Then, while they are holding the toy, ask them to “drop it” while showing them the treat.

Your dog will be excited to drop the toy so they can take the treat. When they drop it, mark the behavior or use a clicker and give them a treat.

Practice with your dog many times. Once, they have succeeded in letting go of the toy 10 times during practice, you can go to the next exercise.

Putting the toy in the basket

Get a basket for your dog to put the toy in the basket. Keep the basket in the same spot of the house to make it easier for your dog.

Touch a toy and ask your dog to “take it”. Then, lure them with a treat over the basket.

When they bring the toy over the basket, tell them the “drop it” command so they will let it go.

Reward your dog with a treat or praise when they have dropped it into the basket.

Keep practicing this exercise until your dog does it consistently.

2.) Turning off the light

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You can also teach your German Shepherd dog how to turn off the light. Because of their big size, they can jump and turn off the light.

You will need treats, patience and time, a clicker to mark the behavior.

How to teach your dog to turn off the light?

Teaching your German Shepherd to turn off the light will need to follow certain steps.

Stand near the light switch

You got to choose a light switch that your dog can easily reach. Call them over and ask them to sit.

Introduce the treat

Hold a treat above the light switch encouraging them to reach the light switch with their paws.

Give them the treat

Once, your German Shepherd reaches the wall, give them a treat. Keep practicing this step until they are comfortable with the treat.

Tap the light switch

In this step, tap the light switch with your hand while encouraging your German Shepherd to do so.

Keep holding the treat out and when they switch off the light, give them the treat.

Name the trick

Once your dog touches the light switch, tell them the command “lights out”.

Say “light out” as they touch the light switch and then give them a treat.

Move away from the switch

In this step, you got to move away from the light switch while asking them to turn the light switch from a distance.

3.) Closing the door

You can easily teach your dog to close the door with their paws and head.

How to teach your dog to close the door?

In order to teach your dog to close the door effectively, you will need to follow certain steps.

Choose the right door

You got to choose a lightweight door that your dog can easily close such as a cabinet door.

Use the “give paw” command

Get close to the door while placing a treat on your hand. Close your hand like a fist.

Call your dog over and ask them to “give paw”. When their paws touches your fist and the door, give them a treat.

Move your hand

Perform the same steps; however, before they touch your hand, move it away so your dog will touch the door.

Keep repeating this step several times and praise them when they close the door.

Open the door

You got to open the door at a really small distance and tap it encouraging them to close it.

When they close the dog, reward them.

Introduce a command

Just as when your German Shepherd picks their paws up, introduce the command in a clear and authoritative tone.

Keep doing so until your dog does so without needing to tap the door. You will only need to say the command.

Tips to train your German Shepherd

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Be patient

You got to be patient with your German Shepherd. Never rush them to learn new things as they will not learn anything when rushed to do something.

They got to take their time when learning new things.

Never scold them

Also, you got to never scold your dog so they don’t feel afraid or frightened affecting them.

Scolding your dog can also make them aggressive when they feel afraid.


Be consistent and repeat the steps when training your German Shepherd so they fully understand what to do.

You got to be consistent so they can learn effectively what to do.


Your German Shepherd can help you at home with different chores that they can do. Of course, these chores aren’t harmful at all.

These chores actually help your German Shepherd life be easier.

Share your experience. Have you taught your German Shepherd any of these jobs?


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