How to Register a German Shepherd Dog Officially?

A German Shepherd, like all dogs, require that you take care of them.

One of these important measures to take to ensure the safety of your dog at all times is to register them through a credible entity.

To register your German Shepherd, you have to get a registration application from your breeder, register through a credible organization, wait for the registration certificate to come out, and check for its accuracy.

What does it mean to register your dog?

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Registering your dog means submitting an application in a credible organization and receiving the approved registration certificate from this entity.

This proves that your puppy or dog is the offspring of a particular dog mother and father dog. It also gives additional information such as the date in which they were born and basic information such as the sex of the dog.

It proves that they came from a line of purebreds.

This means that a German Shepherd to be registered in a credible organization, they must have both their mother and father dog as pure German Shepherds.

So can you still register dogs who aren’t purebred? Yes, you can through registering your dog to other hybrid dog registers.

Another way to have identification, other than registering your dog, is through micro chipping them through getting an ID chip that is used as an ID and your contact details are logged inside a database so it can help others find your dog if they are lost.

It just makes it easier to find them.

However, mostly registering a dog is mostly used for purebreds.

What are the most credible organizations for registering your German Shepherd?

Some of the most credible and famous registry organizations are:


The world most recognized and trusted expert in breed, training information, and health for dogs. They also educate the public about the responsibility of owning a dog.

They have information about different dog breeds. They are also considered the largest and oldest all-breed registry.

Also, they are considered the number one site for content regarding dogs with over 7 million visitors per month.

The organization allocates money to finding cures to different diseases that dogs face.

Also, it has a rescue network for dogs called the AKC Rescue Network with more than 450 groups participating.

The German Shepherd Club

This organization is also called Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde in German.

It is located in Germany and is responsible for registering German Shepherds that are imported to Germany.

United Kennel Club

This organization is an international dog registry founded in the United States. It focuses on all working dog breeds and is the second-largest dog breed registry in the United States.

Their primary role is to preserve the hunting heritage of dogs through organizing hunting events and competition.

These events don’t use cruelty or make dogs fight each other. They just make a hunt-like situation that doesn’t harm any of them.

National kennel club

For other developed countries, they are likely to have a national kennel club where they can use to register dogs.

When should you register a German Shepherd officially?

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You should register a German Shepherd when you get them from the breeder. It is one of the first things that you have to do to ensure their safety and your rights of ownership.

The breeder should provide you with the necessary registration application that you will take to any credible organization to get them registered officially.

How to register your German Shepherd?

Step one: Ask your German Shepherd breeder for the registration papers

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Before you buy a German Shepherd from a breeder, he or she must have a registration application for information about your German Shepherd dog’s background.

This registration application must include your dog’s registered name and be signed by both you and the breeder.

It is important to get this registration application so you can register your dog through a credible organization.

Step two: Register through a credible organization

As mentioned above, you can register through the AKC or other well-known organizations.

To complete this step:

  • you must have the registration application from the breeder.
  • Some requirements will include information about your dog breeder so they can be sure that that breeder is credible.
  • Requirements will also include photos of your dog and a three-generation pedigree certificate. To get this certificate, you will need to pay additional fees.
  • Some dog registries require payment of a fee to register your dog. The payment may be nonrefundable.
  • Some dog registries will have applications that you can fill online. While others will require that you download it and fill it by hand.

You will provide other basic information about your German Shepherd such as the breed, date of birth, and sex throughout the application.

Step three: Wait for the registration certificate

The length between submitting your application and receiving your German Shepherd’s official registration will vary between different types of registries.

For example, at the AKC, it will take about three weeks to receive the registration certificate.

If in other credible organizations, there is no time set for receiving the registration certificate, consider contacting them.

If you received the certification, the very next step is important to go through in order to avoid any problems in the future.

Step four: Check for the accuracy of the certification

Your registration certificate must be accurate. This is the reason that you have to go through it carefully reading every single detail.

If you find a something inaccurate then contact the registry that you registered through.

How much does it cost to register a German Shepherd?

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If you are to register in one of the credible organizations such as the AKC for purebred pedigrees in the United States, you must first know that this doesn’t guarantee that your dog is healthy and won’t face future health problems.

It just states the fact that your German Shepherd is born from the same German Shepherd breed of both parents. It gives your dog identity and a family tree.

AKC Registration fees:

Basic Individual dog registration costs $30. This will give an official registration certification, an AKC pet insurance for 30 days with up to 1,500 in coverage, and a puppy handbook.

The silver package costs $42.99. This includes all the previous benefits of the basic individual dog registration. Also, it includes AKC reunite lifetime enrollment privilege which will give your dog a collar that if they are lost, you can easily find them and 24/7 protection.

The gold package costs $59.99. In this package, you have all the benefits of the two previous packages plus a Complimentary Vet Office Visit and Pet Poison Helpline Lifetime Access.

The Complimentary Vet Office Visit provides one free visit to an AKC Veterinary Network Provider and the Pet Poison Helpline Lifetime Access will 24/7 advice from professionals in all matter regarding your dog.

The platinum package costs $79.99. This is the highest package. It will give you all the privileges of the Gold package plus the addition of AKC GoodDog! Training Helpline and AKC Certified Pedigree.

The training helpline is live telephone support and advice from trainers 24/7. The AKC certified pedigree, however, will give you a frameable document of your pet’s ancestry.

Also, dogs certified with AKC entitle them to a variety of sports and other events that both you and your buddy best friend will surely enjoy.

Why Should you register your German Shepherd?

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In all credible registry organizations, they prove your right of ownership and type of breed. This is incredibly important if your German Shepherd gets lost and you need to find it.

In addition, it keeps away anyone from harming your dog, when they are lost, so animal control can’t possibly euthanize your dog and will look for who they belong too.

Benefits of registering with the AKC

In addition to rights of ownership and breed, you will also get other benefits when registering with the AKC:

Participate in sports and earn titles

Your German Shepherd will be able to compete in sports such as obedience. agility, tracking, herding, rally, lure coursing.  They could even earn titles in sports that they participate in.

They could also earn other titles in different areas but they need to be registered to do so.

Help future dogs in need

Over the years, the AKC has allocated money to different programs to better the dog’s lives and communities. It ensures the safety, health, and welfare of dogs and the environment that they live in.

The AKC is a strong entity that can influence governmental laws on animals so by contributing to it, you ensure that laws, health, and other important factors are influenced so the future of other dogs and your dog is strongly affected.


In conclusion, when you get your German Shepherd, you must register it immediately. The most credible organization is the AKC which provides many benefits to your dog.

To register your German Shepherd, go through these simple steps stated above.

You could also register through other credible organization; however, you have to beware of scammers and organizations that are not trustworthy.

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Share your experience with us. How did it go when you first registered your German Shepherd? Was it an easy experience?


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