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How to Calm a Hyper German Shepherd puppy?

A German Shepherd puppy is very hyper especially when they are so young. So, you, as a dog parent, will need to know ways to calm your German Shepherd puppy.

So, how to calm a hyper German Shepherd puppy?

To calm a hyper German Shepherd puppy, you will need to ignore the hyperness, provide them with exercise, train them especially in obedience basic commands, play games with them, be calm and collected, and try aromatherapy.

How to calm a hyper German Shepherd puppy?

1.) Ignore the hyperness

When your puppy is hyper, they want to get your attention. You have to ignore your puppy when they are hyper so you can stop this behavior.

By ignoring your puppy, you aren’t reinforcing your puppy’s hyperness; your puppy will actually calm down.

So, how do you ignore the hyperness? You can do so by not talking, touching, or looking at them at all. Your puppy will be more likely to calm down.

When your puppy calms down, reward their behavior by praising them and giving treats. By rewarding them each time that they are calm down, you are positively reinforcing them to stay calm.

2.) Exercise

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Your puppy hyperness can be a result of having so much energy without an outlet that can let it out. This outlet can be an exercise where your puppy can enjoy moving their body such as when you take them out for a walk.

After exercising your puppy, they are more likely to become tired and want to rest. Their hyperness levels will decrease and they will be calmer.

However, you have to never let them do heavy intensity exercise such as running; it can affect your puppy badly.

To know about the types of exercise that your German Shepherd puppy can do and why running isn’t one of them, check Should German Shepherd Puppies Run?

3.) Train your puppy with obedience training

Basic obedience training is perfect training for dogs of all ages. It is also recommended to start early on while your puppy is young because they tend to learn faster than older dogs.

However, an older German Shepherd can still learn basic commands and even advanced command training.

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world and can learn basic obedience commands very easily.

You can teach them commands such as sit, down, lay, stay. To know whether German Shepherd are easy to train or not, check Are German Shepherds Hard to Train?

4.) Play fun games with your puppy

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Playing fun games with your puppy is one of the activities that can stimulate your puppy’s mind and body; they will be focusing on using their mind and body to play the games.

After your puppy plays games, they will be more likely to be tired and need to rest. Consequently, they will be calmer.

Here are some of the games that you can play with your German Shepherd puppy:

1.) Hide and seek

First, let someone hold your puppy while you hide. Try to hide at a place that your puppy can easily find you.

Then, call your puppy to come to find you. When your puppy finds you, you can make start to make it challenging by hiding in a place that’s a bit harder for your puppy to find.

This challenges your puppy’s mind and sense of smell. You can also hide your puppy’s favorite treats around and let them search for them.

Teaching them a cue such as “go find” can help them understand that it’s time to search for something.

2.) Fetch

To play fetch with your puppy, get a toy or a soft ball that is large enough so your puppy doesn’t swallow it. It’s important to avoid using sticks because they will harm your puppy’s mouth.

Ask your puppy to sit and stay before you throw the toy or ball. When you toss the object, tell them the cue “get it” so they go and get it. Then, call them back with the cue ” bring it”.

After that, let them “drop it” by using the cue so you get it back and throw it again to them.

Even though these are a lot of commands for your puppy to learn, be patient with them so they can learn easily.

3.) Tug of war

This game is great for keeping your puppy focused and tiring them down minimizing their hyperness.

First, you have to teach your German Shepherd puppy the “take it” and “drop it” command so they can learn when to hold the toy and when to leave it.

To teach them these commands, get an appropriate toy. Then, wait until they grab the toy with their mouth. Hold up a treat as your puppy is pulling the toy and say “drop it”.

When your puppy drops the toy, give them the treat. However, never overdo pulling as your puppy’s joints are developing and their teeth are sharp.

If your puppy becomes aggressive from the game, stop the game immediately so your puppy learns that aggressive behavior isn’t tolerated.

When they calm down again, play with them the game but if they become overly aggressive whenever playing tug of war, it is best to find alternative games.

5.) Check your own energy

Your puppy mirrors the energy that your project. So, you have to be calm and firm as much as you can. Project a pack leader energy so your puppy will listen to you.

Never be anxious or nervous as this will translate to your puppy copying your energy; they will tend to be anxious and nervous too.

So, if you want to minimize your puppy’s hyperness, always be calm and collected so your puppy’s energy is the same as yours.

6.) Try Out Aromatherapy

Puppies and dogs experience the world through their senses especially smelling. A soothing smell can have a calming effect on your puppy.

Natural oils such as Lavender, cypress, chamomile, and sweet marjoram can actually change your puppy’s mood into a happy one.

Consult your vet about the best oils that your puppy can smell and the best safest spraying methods in places that won’t harm your puppy.

Here is a video of how to calm down a puppy or an older dog:

Why is a German Shepherd puppy hyper?

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A puppy or older German Shepherd is hyper because they are either because of boredom from not having enough exercise.

As a general rule, it is best to exercise a puppy 5 minutes per each month. You can try games such as playing fetch, tug of war, or going on a walk.

German Shepherd puppies who don’t get enough exercise tend to be hyperactive; they can chew on furniture, grab objects, and act uncontrollably.

As a breed, they are a really highly active breed that needs exercise and moving around so they can release the pent- up energy. Even when they are puppies, they have so much energy and can be hyper at times.

So, you will need to exercise them both mentally and physically to lower their hyperness.

Another reason that your German Shepherd is hyper is that they want your attention. This is especially true when you leave the house and they start to develop separation anxiety.

Your puppy will bark, whimper, and destroy furniture because they want you to be with them. However, when you do return home, they will be very excited and hyper to see you.

To know more the signs that your German Shepherd puppy is hyperactive and tips to calm them down, check Are German Shepherd Puppies Hyber?

What age do German Shepherd puppies start to calm down?

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Naturally, they will be very hyper while they are puppies and will calm down after a specific time. A German Shepherd will be very energetic during the first 2 to 3 years.

As your German Shepherd grows, they will become calmer and mature into well-adjusted dogs.

The first 2 to 3 years may be hectic; however, you have to be patient and loving with your German Shepherd puppy.

Your puppy is still exploring the world around them so don’t scold or get angry with them when they do something because they can grow to be aggressive or fearful.

Stages of a German Shepherd’s growth

Juvenile Stage

This stage is from 3 months to 6 months. Everything is new to your puppy and they want to explore the world around them.

Puppies are known to have a very short attention span and high energy levels so they tend to be very hyper.

However, with proper training, exercise, and other methods, you can teach your puppy how to be calm.

Adolescent stage

This stage starts from 6 months to 3 years. Your dog will look like a full-grown German Shepherd but will be just like a human teenager testing you with their actions.

For this very reason, you have to be calm and a firm leader so you can make your dog listen to you.

Adult stage

When a German Shepherd fully matures, they become the calm, loving, caring breed that they are. They are very intelligent as well as beautiful with their gorgeous coat.

Still, you need to take care of your German Shepherd and provide them with a comfortable and positive environment.

Related questions

1.) How to stop a German Shepherd puppy from biting?

There are very effective methods to teach your German Shepherd puppy to stop biting. The first method involves redirecting your puppy’s attention to something else such as a chew toy when they are biting.

The second method involves teaching them bite inhibition by saying words such as “ouch” when your puppy bites you strongly while playing. This shows them that you are hurt so they will learn that biting hurts you.

The third method involves socializing your puppy so they aren’t fearful or aggressive toward other people and dogs. Through socialization, puppies are less likely to bite aggressively.

2.) How to discipline a German Shepherd?

To effectively discipline a German Shepherd, you have to use positive reinforcement where your dog learns what behaviors to do and what not to do.

German Shepherds tend to respond well to praise for good behavior than being scolded. Also, your dog is less likely to be fearful or aggressive when using this method.


Your German Shepherd puppy is hyper because they are a highly energetic breed. It’s best to use these ways and methods to help calm down your puppy.

Don’t worry, as your puppy matures into adulthood, they are going to become calmer. They will still be energetic and require exercise and a role to do but they won’t be hyper.

Share your experience with us. How did you calm your German Shepherd puppy?


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