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How to Stop Your German Shepherd from Jumping on people?

There are some German Shepherds who jump at people when they see them. They tend to do so because of different reasons.

You can have people visiting you and as soon as your dog sees them, they jump on them.

It can be really uncomfortable and frustrating especially when your German Shepherd is big and jumps them.

This is the reason that you have to train and teach your German Shepherd to not jump on people.

So, how to stop your German Shepherd from jumping on people? You can train your German Shepherd to stop jumping on people through different techniques.

These methods include letting people ignore them when they jump, putting a leash on them to control their jumping, training them to follow certain commands, putting a distance, and removing the leash when they are fully trained.

Why do German Shepherds jump on people?

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1.) Attention

One of the causes that a German Shepherd jumps on people is that they want attention from you. Your German Shepherd will feel neglected that they start to jump on people to get attention from you.

They want your attention because when guests come, your attention is shifted to the guests so they jump on them.

You will notice them and get angry at them for jumping on your guests. So, they will get the attention that they need.

Also, they want all the people’s attention to be on them. They want to be noticed so jumping on people makes people give them their attention.

It is cute and adorable when German Shepherd puppies jump on people. However, when they are adults, it becomes really uncomfortable.

2.) Excitement and greeting

Your German Shepherd may be excited to see people and want to greet them so they jump on them.

It’s their way of communicating that they are happy to see them. You can stop this behavior through proper training that will help them stop these habits.

3.) Feeling threatened

Another reason that German Shepherd jump on people is that they feel that they are a threat to their family and dog parent.

German Shepherds are loyal dogs that would do anything to protect their families.

Jumping becomes a problem when German Shepherds jump on people scaring them.

This is the reason that it is best to socialize a German Shepherd from a young age so they don’t scare off people.

When is a German Shepherd jumping a sign of aggression and when it isn’t?

Even though in most cases your dog jumping on people isn’t a sign of aggression, it’s rather a sign welcoming and greeting.

However, there are times where your German Shepherd is aggressive and there are signs that they show.

Here is how to distinguish whether your dog will be aggressive or not is based on your dog’s positive or negative body language

Positive body language

If your German Shepherd is excited to see people, they will have positive body language such as :

  • Excited Crying.
  • Licking.
  • Being Full Of Energy.
  • Dropping Down On Their Front Legs
  • Excessive Tail Wagging.
  • Running In Circles.
  • Barking.

These are all positive signs that show that your dog is happy to see people and so they will jump on them.

Negative body language

Your German Shepherd may also show signs that they are going to be aggressive and may jump on them because they feel they are a threat.

If they are feeling threatened, they will show signs before jumping on people such as:

  • Growling: They will growl when people approach them, touch them, or may even walk toward them.
  • Snarling: If your dog starts showing their teeth, this is a sign that they are going to become aggressive.
  • Barking: Your German Shepherd dog may bark combined with other aggressive behaviors that signal that they are going to attack and jump on people.

You can teach your dog to stop aggressive jumping through the help of a dog behaviorist who will teach and train them.

Common mistakes that dog parents do that maximize a German Shepherd jumping

1.) Petting and stroking your German Shepherd when they jump on people

Your German Shepherd will often get too excited that they will jump on people.

If you pet your dog while they are excited, they will get the impression that it’s okay to jump on people and will do it again.

You are actually rewarding your German Shepherd and showing them that it’s alright to jump on people.

2.) Locking away your dog

This is a big mistake as locking your German Shepherd while there are people visiting you doesn’t allow them to learn how to interact with people when they come visiting you.

They need to be let out so they can properly interact with people. They also need to interact with people so they don’t become afraid of them.

3.) Shouting at your dog

Shouting at your dog doesn’t help them understand that it isn’t okay to jump on people. Instead, they will feel happy and excited.

So, it is important to maintain a calm attitude with your dog so they can learn to not jump on people.

How to stop your German Shepherd from jumping on people?

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1.) Ignore

One of the best ways to stop your German Shepherd from jumping on people is through ignoring them.

Instead of caressing and petting your dog, people have to act in a way that doesn’t show them attention so they understand that this isn’t the way to get attention.

Gradually, they will learn that jumping on people isn’t something to do.

2.) Put a leash on your dog

Another way to control your dog’s jumping is by putting a leash on them. Putting a leash on your dog ensures that they don’t jump on people.

You can gently stop them from jumping on people by pulling them close. Gradually, your dog will learn to not jump on people when they see them.

3.) Train them to follow simple commands

Jumping is a behavior that becomes the norm when puppies, at their young age, aren’t taught that isn’t good behavior.

Still, you can train your dog whether they are old or young to stop jumping on people by teaching them simple commands such as obedience training.

An example would be teaching your dog the command “sit”. To do so, get a treat and put it between their eyes. Naturally, they will be in a sitting position. Next, tell them the word sit and give them the treat as a reward.

After teaching them to sit, you can use the command whenever people visit you or your dog meets people outside your home so they don’t jump on them.

You can also use other commands such as “stop, “down”, “stay” to stop your dog from jumping. They will be focused on the command that they won’t jump.

4.) Put a distance

Keep your German Shepherd at a distance away from people. You can start by placing your dog 1 to3 meters away from people.

Distance helps keep your dog less excited so they will be more likely to stay calm and not jump on people.

As the distance shortens, your German Shepherd will become more excited and will definitely jump on people.

If your dog becomes excited and wants to jump on people, let the people move a bit further from them.

5.) Stop putting a leash on your dog

Once your dog has learned not to jump on people and learned to sit instead. you can stop putting a leash on your dog.

Here, your German Shepherd dog has learned not to jump on people and will follow what you ask them to do.

So, giving them treats positively reinforces them that what they did was good behavior.

If your dog still jumps on people, then go back to training them to follow commands so it can distract them from jumping on people.

Training methods to stop your dog from jumping on people

1.) Looking for the rain method

  • Cross your arms over your chest with your arms placed on your shoulders to signal your dog that you aren’t happy with their behavior.
  • Then, look up as if you are seeing rain and don’t make any eye contact with your dog.
  • Stay in this position for a while until your dog’s paws are placed on the floor.
  • Reward your dog by petting them for not jumping.

2.) Put a barrier between you and your dog

  • Fill an empty bottle with water and vinegar.
  • Spray a boundary between you and your dog to slow them down. Never spray it on your dog’s face.
  • Once you spray the boundary, don’t make eye contact with your dog until they stop jumping.

Tips that will help you stop your German Shepherd’s jumping on people

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Be patient

Your German Shepherd dog will need multiple training sessions until they learn to not jump on people.

So, if your German Shepherd still jumps on people, don’t be discouraged or frustrated. Through repetition, your dog will learn to not jump on people.

Always use positive reinforcement techniques so your dog can better understand what you are asking them to do.

Over time, your German Shepherd will learn to not jump on people.

Never scold or punish your dog

Using punishment is the worst way to treat your dog. It causes them problems such as not trusting you, not listening to you, destroying things, and even becoming aggressive with you. They might even become fearful.

As for training, your dog will also be less likely to learn anything from you.

Be consistent

You have to be consistent in your training for getting your dog to stop jumping. Don’t make the mistake of teaching them once to stop jumping and never doing it again.

Through consistency, your dog learns that this behavior isn’t acceptable helping you stop it from happening again.

How to stop a German Shepherd from jumping over the fence?

Why do dogs jump on fences?

The first reason is that your dog gets bored so they jump on the fences. They may feel bored because they have nothing to do.

The second reason is that your dog doesn’t get enough exercise to burn all of their energy.

The third reason is that they are curious and want to explore the world around them. They will do anything to see and experience the outside world so they jump.

The fourth reason is that your dog’s attention is directed toward a voice or something that they have seen outside.

1.) Choose a fence that is at least 6 feet tall

German Shepherds jump 22 to 26 inches tall because they have high jumping abilities.

To avoid a German Shepherd jumping over the fence, you have to have a fence that is at least 6 feet tall.

2.) Choose a fence that doesn’t let your dog see through

German Shepherds are very active dogs and anything can grab their attention.

For this very reason, you have to get a fence that isn’t see-through so your German Shepherd doesn’t jump through the fence.

If you have an open fence, you have to cover it up so your German Shepherd doesn’t see other things that get their attention.

3.) Train your German Shepherd

Training is an essential part of your German Shepherd to stay inside the fences. You can teach them basic obedience commands and some essential commands that they can follow.

Here are some of the commands to teach your dog so they don’t jump over the fence.

Teach them to stay

After your dog has learned the sit command, you can teach them the stay command. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Ask your dog to sit so they are in a sitting position.
  • Stand in front of them, tell them to stay, and go back slowly.
  • If your German Shepherd follows you, put them back in a sitting position and try again.
  • Teach your dog the release command so that it will help them stop being in the stay position.
  • When your German Shepherd listens to you, then you have to reward them for following your commands.

Teach them to come

You can also teach your dog to come so they can come whenever there is some type of danger. You can teach this command to help save them from running away or jumping up on fences.

  • In the beginning, your German Shepherd may not listen to you but with repetition, they will listen to you.
  • Give them the command when they are coming to you.
  • If your German Shepherd stops when you call them, then call them again and try to show them a treat to lure them.
  • When they come to you, reward them and give them treats.
  • The most important thing when your dog doesn’t obey you is to not get angry or chase them. The ideal situation is to turn your back on your dog; they will follow you.
  • You got to reward them because they will need to be positively reinforced.

Teach them to get off of furniture

The command can be used to teach your dog to get off the furniture. Dogs can destroy your furniture by jumping on them.

Always use treats to lure a dominant dog.

Teach them to stop jumping on counters

Your dog will jump on counters because they will be looking for food. Counters usually have food leftovers that your dog smell and want to eat.

But it can cause a problem when your dog jump on counters. So how do you prevent your dog from jumping on counters?

The best way is to prevent your dog from entering is by limiting their access to the kitchen. This is done through boundary training or putting your dog in another room while you cook.

You can also offer your dog chew toys

Related questions

What’s the highest a German Shepherd has ever jumped?

It happened in China where a German Shepherd named Hei Niu jumped about 10 feet in the air. Through the help of their trainer, Hei Niu jumped the distance.

How high can an average German Shepherd jump?

A German Shepherd can normally jump up to 4 to 6 feet high. They can even escape fences that are below this range.

Thus, it is important to get a fence that is higher than the range that they can jump up to.


In conclusion, you have to learn the causes of your dog jumping on people so you can know whether it’s a friendly or aggressive behavior. This will let you know what action to take in order to minimize this behavior.

You can definitely teach your German Shepherd to stop jumping on people through different techniques.

To know more about training a German Shepherd in obedience training and other important things that your dog needs to know, check How to Train A German Shepherd on Basic Obedience Training and Much More!

Share your experience. Does your German Shepherd jump on people and how did you change this behavior?


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