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Lost German Shepherd Who Fell in the Pacific Ocean is Found [Video]

On Feb 10, 2016, a one year and a half old German Shepherd, Luna, went fishing with her dog parent, Nick Hayworth, who was a fisherman.

Luna was sitting in the boat when she accidentally fell from the fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean.

What did Nick do?

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Nick was sad and went on searching for his best friend.

He searched the water for two days but unfortunately, the water was too dark and so was Luna so they couldn’t see her.

But Nick never lost hope; he had faith that Luna was a good swimmer. Also, he had faith that she made it to the shore of an island that was nearby.

This island, San Clemente, was 2 miles away.

After all his failed searches to find his dog, Nick contacted the U.S Navy. The island was used by the Navy for target practice.

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The staff searched for Luna for a week but couldn’t find her.

What did Luna do?

Like what Nick has predicted, Luna kept on swimming to the island until she reached it. Her survival instincts are what saved her.

When she was on the island, she would eat mice in order to survive.

Luna’s rescue

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She went unnoticed by the U.S Navy for five weeks before the staff saw her, one day while arriving to work early morning.

Luna was sitting on the side of the road wagging her tail. It was a surprise to all Navy staff as there were no domestic animals allowed on the island because of their training.

The staff called on Luna to come and she came right away. The Navy members determined that it was the dog that has fallen in the boat last month.

So they immediately informed Nick who was glad and happy that she was alive.

A wildlife biologist examined Luna to see if she is alright and the results were great.

She was perfectly healthy except she was was a bit skinny.

The reunion

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Nick’s friend picked Luna up because Nick was out of town at the time he received the news.

Luna and Nick’s reunion was beautiful and they were so happy to find each other again.

Here is a video of the reunion:

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