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Why is Your German Shepherd’s Nose Turning Pink?

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds around the world. They are beautiful in their appearance as well as intelligent when using their mental capabilities.

Many dog parents of German Shepherds will look after their dogs and take care of them regarding any issue.

Some face the problem of their German Shepherd’s nose turning pink. So, why is your German Shepherd’s nose turning pink?

Your German Shepherd’s nose turns pink because of reasons and causes such as old age, change in weather, injury, skin problems, allergies, Pemphigus, and cancer.

Some of these causes are temporary while others require medical intervention.

Why is your German Shepherd’s nose turning pink?

1.) Old Age

Old age can cause your German Shepherd to have problems where their nose turns to pink.

This happens because the level drops down so your German Shepherd doesn’t make a lot of melatonin which causes their nose to turn from black to pink.

2.) Change in weather

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During winter seasons, tyrosinase production slows down. Tyrosinase makes melanin which is responsible for giving color to your dog’s skin, hair, and part of their eyes.

Tyrosinase is negatively affected in colder seasons. This leads to pigmentation loss in your German Shepherd nose which turns it from black to pink.

This condition is called either “winter nose” or “snow nose” and it’s very common for German Shepherds.

As summer approaches, your German Shepherd’s nose color will change back to black.

3.) Injury

A German Shepherd is highly active that they can also use their nose when chasing after something or just following what they are curious about.

Therefore, their noses may get injured or scraped during one of their curious searches.

If the skin on their nose gets peeled, it will turn pink until it completely heals that it becomes black again.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it will take more time if the wound is serious.

4.) Skin Problems

Your German Shepherd may have a skin condition that causes them to turn their black nose into a pink one.

Here are the top skin problems that a German Shepherd may have:


Vitiligo is a skin disease that happens where there is a loss of pigmentation because the melanocytes that make melatonin are destroyed.

Consequently, your dog’s coat will whiten and their nose will lighten.

German Shepherd, as well as other dogs, are prone to this disease.

Nasal solar dermatitis

This is a disease where your German Shepherd’s nose is sensitive to sunlight causing them sunburn.

The sunburn will make your dog’s nose to become pink.

In the worst case, it can lead to your dog’s having cancer.

VKH syndrome

This is an autoimmune disease where it causes the immune cells to attack the melanocytes which are responsible for forming melanin.

As a result, there is no production of pigmentation and so your German Shepherd nose turns pink.

5.) Allergies

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Allergies can also make your German Shepherd’s nose turn pink. It happens when your German Shepherd nose comes into direct contact with something that they are allergic too.

So, there nose and lip will become pink due to this allergic reaction. One main cause of this reaction is eating in plastic bowels.

Replacing the plastic bowels with a stainless food bowel is best when your German Shepherd has this allergic reaction.

6.) Pemphigus

Pemphigus is an autoimmune skin disease where the body’s immune system attacks the connection between its own skin cells.

As a side effect of this disease, your German Shepherd’s nose becomes sore, crusty, and ultimately causes your dog’s nose to become pink.

7.) Cancer

Cancer results in skin color change because it attacks the body from within. Skin cancer is the most common type associated with your dog having a pink nose.

Because your dog’s nose is one of the visible parts not covered by hair, it is one of the most visible parts that change in color.

Your German Shepherd may also have a tumor in their nose that causes them to have a pink nose. Their condition is due to being exposed to UV radiation constantly.

If you suspect that your German Shepherd has cancer, go immediately to the vet to get the proper treatment.

Do German Shepherd puppies have pink noses?

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Yes, German Shepherd puppies have pink noses when they are born. However, this changes when they are 8 to 16 weeks of age where their paws and noses turn into black.

Some puppies take a longer time than others but it a normal process where they darken as they grow.

It’s important to take care of your German Shepherd and know how to do so.

Sleep is very important for German Shepherd puppies especially those that are still very young

To know more about the duration of time that German Shepherds puppies should sleep, check How long do German Shepherd puppies sleep?

Do White German Shepherds have pink noses?

No, White German Shepherds have dark black noses. They aren’t born with a pink nose.

Their appearance is very beautiful where they have pink or black skin with elegant white fur. Their eyes are either gold or brown.

They are really strong with muscular bodies and high athletic abilities.

What to do when your German Shepherd has a pink nose?

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First, you have to monitor your German Shepherd to know what is the cause of their nose turning pink. Depending on the cause, you will take a different course of action.

For example, if you notice that your German Shepherd’s nose is pink because of an allergic reaction to food plastic food and water bowls.

Then, you definitely have to change these plastic bowels into other types of bowels such as those made from ceramic, stoneware, or stainless steel.

If the change of weather from hot to cold happens, your German Shepherd nose may turn from black to pink.

In this situation, you don’t have to worry at all. Just wait until the summer comes again and your dog’s nose color will be black again.

Also, to be on the safe side, you have to put sunscreen on your German Shepherd’s nose during the summer to avoid your dog’s nose getting sunburned.

If your German Shepherd is old in their age, they are more likely to have a pink nose. In this case, you can change your dog’s diet into one that has ingredients that will increase the levels of tyrosinase in your dog’s body.

To pick up the right food, look at the labels and the ingredients carefully. Some of the foods that contain tyrosinase are beef, lamb, cheese, soy products and seafood like salmon.

In other situations, there may be an underlying medical condition that is causing your German Shepherd to have a pink nose.

If you suspect that is the case, go to the vet immediately so they can treat your dog.

In most situations, your German Shepherd may have an autoimmune disease or skin condition that is affecting the color of their nose. Dogs with autoimmune diseases require lifelong medical care.

Will my German Shepherd’s nose turn black again?

It depends on what caused your German Shepherd to have a pink nose.

If it’s a medical condition, then it is better for them to get treated immediately because it’s something serious and their pink nose is signaling a problem.

However, if it is due to circumstances such as a change in weather or injury, your German Shepherd’s nose will turn black again when these circumstances are over.

For example, when summer comes back again, your dog’s nose will change back to black. When your dog’s injury in their nose is treated, they will have their black nose back.

When to see a vet?

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Most of the time a German Shepherd’s pink nose isn’t something life-threatening because it comes mainly from old age, weather change, or an injury that will heal with time and proper care.

However, you should start to worry when your German Shepherd shows the following signs along with having a pink nose.

Signs that there is an underlying medical condition

  • Foul odor coming from your dog’s nose
  • A bulge in the nose
  • Swelling
  • Bloody nose discharge
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever

If you find that your German Shepherd is showing the following signs, you have to go to the vet immediately. These signs may of a tumor or infection that your dog may have.

Your vet will work to diagnose the exact cause and give the best possible treatment for your dog.

What dog breeds have pink noses?

There are some dog breeds that have pink noses their entire lives such as Bull Terriers, Boxers, Dalmatians, and Heelers, Sharpei, Chow Chow and Pitbulls.

It is genetically impossible for these dogs to have black noses. They are simply born this way.

It doesn’t mean that they have a medical problem; its just one of their physical characteristics.


Your German Shepherd’s nose may turn pink for a variety of reasons so it’s important to observe and monitor your dog to know if it’s caused by temporary circumstances or medical conditions.

Pink noses can be a serious sign of an underlying problem so if you do notice signs of a medical condition, go to the vet immediately.

Share your experience. Did your German Shepherd’s nose turn from black to pink? And what did you do about it?


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