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When Will a German Shepherd Puppy Calm Down?

As puppies, German Shepherds tend to be very hyper and full of energy. It will be hard to calm them because they are a highly energetic breed.

However, there comes a time where your German Shepherd can actually become calmer.

So, when will a German Shepherd puppy calm down?

German Shepherds typically calm down between 6 months and 3 years.

This mainly depends on factors such as providing them with training, exercise, socialization, a calming environment, a balanced diet, and playtime.

When do German Shepherd puppies start to become energetic?

Your German Shepherd is going to become energetic at 3 months old. This is the age where they want to explore the world. Unfortunately, they are going to stay this way until they are 3 years old.

Between 6 months and 3 years, your German Shepherd puppy is going to be like a human teenager. They will be hyper and will do whatever they want, whenever they want too.

What causes your German Shepherd puppy hyperactivity?


A cause for your German Shepherd puppy hyperactivity is that they want attention.

If you don’t give your German Shepherd puppy attention throughout the day but you do when they are hyper, they will learn to be hyper every time they want your attention.

If your puppy happens to act this way, ignore them when they are acting this way and wait until they calm down on their own.


Another cause for your German Shepherd hyperactivity is that they are bored. This is most likely caused because your German Shepherd puppy isn’t getting enough exercise and training.

It’s very important to let your German Shepherd puppy get the exercise and training that they need so they don’t become bored and act hyper.

Encouraging the behavior

You could be encouraging the behavior when you give them the things that they want such as food or attention while they aren’t calm. By doing so, you are encouraging your puppy to stay hyper.

The best action that you can do is ignore your puppy when they are hyper and wait until they calm down to give them a reward.

Separation anxiety

Your German Shepherd puppy may be hyperactive due to having separation anxiety. This happens when your puppy is left alone in your house while you are away.

There are many symptoms such as:

  • Eliminating when dog parent isn’t around: Some dog parents urinate or eliminate when they are left alone or separated from their dog parents.
  • Barking or howling: A puppy may also howl when left alone away from their dog parent. This type of howling is only triggered when their dog parent isn’t with them.
  • Chewing, digging, and destruction: Some puppies with separation anxiety can chew on objects such as furniture and other items in the house whenever they are separated from their dog parents. This behavior can result in them getting injured such as having broken teeth and damaged nails.
  • Pacing: Some puppies walk or trot in a specific manner when they are left alone or separated from their dog parents. Some can move in circles while others will move in a straight line back and forth.

A lack of training

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When you don’t give your German Shepherd any training, they may become really hyper. Training teaches your puppy discipline as well as make them listen to you.

Without any training, your puppy is more likely to become hyper where they will do behaviors that can harm them.


German Shepherd puppies may become may not get hyper in a specific location but get hyper in another location.

It is a very common practice to train in a specific location where their training goes really well however not training them in multiple locations can cause your puppy to be hyper.

Therefore, it is very important to train your puppy in multiple locations.

Lack of exercise

German Shepherds, even when they are puppies, need to get exercise so they can release the pent-up energy that they have.

As a general rule, they must get 5 minutes for each month of age.

To know whether a German Shepherd puppy can run as an exercise, check Should German Shepherd Puppies Run?

When you do give your puppy exercise, they tend to calm down.

How to calm down your German Shepherd puppy?


To calm down a German Shepherd puppy, give them training. Start by teaching them basic commands such as sit and stay in environments that don’t have lots of distraction.

Then, you can teach them in other locations as they get used to the training. Training teaches your puppy certain commands to follow and to listen to you.

Don’t reward the behavior

It’s very important to not encourage your puppy’s hyperactivity so don’t reward them when they are hyper. Instead, you have to wait until they are calm and reward them when they aren’t hyper.

By doing so, your puppy learns that it is a good behavior when they are calm; they will stop being hyper because they won’t associate it as a positive behavior.

Give them exercise

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Giving your German Shepherd exercise, even when they are so young, is highly needed. Your puppy needs exercise because German Shepherds, as a breed, are a highly energetic breed that needs to get exercise.

As puppies, they won’t need so much exercise as when they are older. When they are adults, they will need 2 hours of exercise so they can release all the energy that they have.

However, when they are puppies, they will only need about 5 minutes per month of age for exercise.

Keep your puppy busy

Your puppy needs to be kept busy and preoccupied so they don’t get bored or engage in attention-seeking behaviors. You can easily keep them busy by giving them toys to play with such as chew toys, rope toys, and puzzle toys.

Toys will stimulate your puppy’s mind and body so they will tire them out but in a productive way making your puppy calmer.

Play with them

You can play with your German Shepherd puppy games such as fetch and tug of war. These games are fun and engaging to your puppy.

By playing with them, you help calm them down when they finish playing.

Socialize your puppy

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Socializing your puppy is a really important step where you teach your German Shepherd puppy how to interact with other people and dogs.

They will also socialize with other puppies through playing with them; they will get physical exercise as well.

If you skip socializing you put them at risk of developing behavioral problems such as excessive barking.

Have a routine

When your puppy follows a routine, they will know what to do at different times. They will learn when to become highly energized and when to become calm.

A good routine includes feeding your puppy, exercising them, let them eliminate during specific times, training them, and letting them sleep and rest.

Watch out their diet

You got to observe your German Shepherd puppy’s food so you know what type of food causes them to be hyper.

Never give your puppy foods that are high in sugar like fruits that contain a lot of sugar. If you are giving them puppy food, make sure it is of high quality so your puppy doesn’t get harmed.

Be calm around them

Your puppy mimics your behaviors so if you are excited, they will also be excited. Therefore, it’s important to stay calm around your German Shepherd puppy because they pick up your energy.

When you are calm, your puppy will also be calm.

Get help

If you can’t stop your German Shepherd puppy from being hyper, then consider getting help from a behaviorist.

A behaviorist can give you advice on what to do to help calm your puppy.

This way you can actually calm down a German Shepherd puppy through what the behaviorist advises you to do.

This is the last option to do when you did all of the above tips and nothing else works for you.

Related questions

1.) How to calm down an anxious German Shepherd puppy?

You can calm down your German Shepherd puppy through giving them exercise, providing them with physical contact, engaging them in aromatherapy, playing them music made for dogs, and being calm around them.

By following these tips, you can help calm your anxious puppy.

2.) How to calm a puppy down from biting?

Teach your puppy bite inhibition, give your puppy something yo chew on such as dog toys, withdraw attention and ignore them when they do bite, put them in their crate for a timeout until they are calm, and offer them potty time or a break because they may actually need it.


Your German Shepherd puppy will take some time until they calm down.

While they grow up, they pass through stages where they become really hyper and then calm down after time.

These were the best ways to calm down your German Shepherd puppy.

Share your experience. Have you tried any of these ways to calm down your German Shepherd?


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