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How much water do German Shepherds need to stay hydrated every day?

German Shepherds like all dogs need to drink water so they can stay hydrated. They will need to drink water so their bodies can grow healthy and so they don’t get sick.

So, how much water do German Shepherds need to stay hydrated every day?

Your German Shepherd will need to drink from 49 to 90 ounces of water daily that’s equal to 1.5 to 2.5 liters so they can maintain their good health.

Why do German shepherds drink a lot of water?

Because they are larger and active dogs, they will need more water due to their panting and saliva loss that happens because of their size.

German Shepherds need to drink a lot of water because they are a large breed that needs to have 0.3 liters of water per pound.

They may require up to 90 ounces of water depending on their weight and activity.

However, if you notice that your German Shepherd drinks more than four liters even without lots of activity, they might have dehydration or other illnesses in which you have to go to the vet to treat them.

The same action goes for your German Shepherd if they don’t drink too much.

What are the benefits of giving your German Shepherd water?

A German Shepherd’s body is mostly made from water like a human body so they need water to stay hydrated.

They can also get water from different types of foods that they eat. If you don’t provide them with water, you put them at risk of dehydration.

Staying hydrated is one of the main benefits of keeping your dog healthy.

Other benefits for your German Shepherd drinking water include:

  • Cooling their body down while regulating your dog’s temperature.
  • Helping your dog digest food and absorb nutrients.
  • Carrying nutrients into and out of your dog’s body
  • Makes your dog move smoothly through lubricating the joints
  • Helps to flush away waste through urination
  • Protects organs from having a water deficiency

What factors to consider about the amount of water you give to your German Shepherd?

Not all German Shepherds are the same when considering how much water you have to give them.

There are factors to consider for the amount of water that you will give your German Shepherd.

These factors that affect your German Shepherd drinking amount of water include:

1.) Weather and climate

The weather and climate can affect your dog greatly. If they are really hot, your dog will get really hot and may be prone to heatstroke or sunburn.

Also, when your dog stays outside for a long period of time during hot weather, their paws will get burned.

This hurts your dog’s paws and takes a long time to recover. At these times, your German Shepherd will be very thirsty and will drink lots of water.

They will drink water so they can make up for the water that they lost due to the heat.

2.) Diet

Depending on your dog’s food, you will have to give them water. If they eat dry food, they are more likely to be very thirsty and want to drink more water.

Large amounts of salt in food will make your dog very thirsty.

While giving them wet food and those with a high amount of water will help your German Shepherd get hydrated.

So, you got to watch out for what kind of foods you give your dog and give them water accordingly.

3.) Activity

If your dog is the type to do lots of activities where they run around and do lots of physical activities, they will sweat and lose lots of water so they will need to drink more water.

However, if your dog doesn’t do lots of physical activities they will need less water to drink.

Here, the consumption of water depends on whether your dog does lots of physical activities or not.

4.) Health conditions

Some health conditions in dogs can cause them to either drink lots of water or drink a little amount of water.

These health conditions include kidney failure, polydipsia, and diabetes mellitus.

It is important to know these health conditions and treat them as soon as possible so your dog is healthy and safe.

5.) Age and weight

Dogs who are old in their age will be more likely to drink more water than dogs who are young in their age.

Also, the heavier the dog, the more water that they will need to drink.

For this specific reason, you will need to watch your dog’s weight while exercising and keeping them on a diet that will make them lose weight.

How to know if your German Shepherd has dehydration?

If your dog has dehydration, they will show the following signs which are vomiting, diarrhea, tired behavior, dry mouth and gums, and loss of appetite.

There are also cases where your dog will have dehydration such as when:

  • Your German Shepherd has diabetes, cancer, kidney disease or other illnesses that will cause them to drink lots of water.
  • Senior or pregnant dogs
  • When your dog is left in a hot environment
  • Dogs not provided with enough water so they will need to drink a lot

There are also ways to know if your German Shepherd dog is dehydrated. Here are some of the actions that you can do to know if your dog is dehydrated:

1.) Pinch their skin

This is one of the easiest ways to know if your dog is dehydrated. Just pinch the skin in their neck and let it go.

Wait and see how the skin moves. If it snaps back to its original form right away, it means that they are hydrated.

While if it fails to snap back or is wrinkled, it means that they are dehydrated and need to drink more water.

2.) Check their gums

This is another way to know if your dog is hydrated or not. Just open your dog’s mouth and run your fingers over their gums.

If you find their gums wet, it means that they are hydrated. While if you find their gums sticky and dry, then they need to drink lots of water.

How to make your German Shepherd drink more water?

If you find out that your German Shepherd is dehydrated, you can do the following to make them drink more water.

1.) Mix flavoring with your dog’s water

If your German Shepherd doesn’t drink lots of water to keep them hydrated, you can mix flavoring with the water that they drink from so they are more tempted to drink.

To get flavorings, check the nearest pet store to get for your dog.

2.) Mix broth with your German Shepherd’s food

You can also mix broth in your dog’s food so they get to taste the broth along with their food and consume water.

Try different varieties of broth whether chicken or meat broth so you know which broth they like the most.

3.) Reward your German Shepherd for drinking

Teach your dog to drink on command and then let them drink.

When your dog drinks, praise them and give them a treat so they learn through positive reinforcement what they did is a great thing.

With practice, your German Shepherd will think that drinking in front of you means getting a reward so they will be motivated to do so.

What to do when your German Shepherd drinks too much?

If your dog drinks too much water, they may have a condition known as Polydyspia.

This condition is caused by dehydration or diseases that cause your dog to lose excess water from their bodies.

So what can you do? First, monitor your dog’s water intake if they drink too much water for a period of time, take them to the vet so you can treat them from any underlying condition.

Related questions

1.) Should you leave food out for your German Shepherd all day?

Always let your dog follow a feeding schedule so they know when they can eat and when they have to stop.

This is really important so they don’t have problems such as obesity or stomach problems like bloating.

Also, keeping them in schedule also helps with potty training where you can know when they want to eliminate and they don’t potty excessively.

2.) How many times a day should you feed your German Shepherd puppy?

German Shepherd puppies should eat at least 3 times a day so they can gain all the nutrients that they need.

You have to provide them with water between and during meals. You can also switch puppy food into adult food at the age of 12 weeks.

While adult German Shepherds should eat twice per day.


German Shepherds need to drink water so they can stay hydrated and stay healthy.

You will need to observe your dog know if they are drinking too much or too little.

Share your experience with us. Does your German Shepherd drink too little or too much water?


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