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What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd

Hello again, let me guess why you are here. Obviously, you need to know the truth about what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd! Right?

Well, you are in the right place. Not because we are the best. Actually, it is one of the main reasons; however, you are in the right place because today we have a guest that will help us know what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd.

No. Not a veterinarian, and not an experienced dog trainer or a German Shepherd owner. It’s Mr. German Shepherd himself; Yes, we believe that the truth should come out from its source.

However, Mr. German Shepherd got stuck in the traffic, so we will start talking about What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd, in general, and wait for him to tell us more about his favorite food.

Mr. German Shepherd is going to talk about What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd, but he got stuck in traffic.
I am on my way guys, wait for me.
– Credit: GIPHY

So, remember when we asked you in our previous article, German Shepherd Dog Training For New Parents in 2019, What food do you use for your German Shepherd? Well, we found out that most of you didn’t know what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd, and that is perfectly fine. That’s why we are here to help, assist and guide.

Oh! Look who is finally here. How was your trip, GSD. Can I Call you GSD?

Woof, yes you can. Well, my trip was fine, but you guys are not ready, yet, for dog driving their own cars. It is too much for you! Can you please put me some food, it’s been a long day.

Yes, sure. Actually, we are here to talk with you about what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd, so, why don’t we do that while eating.

Oh, so that’s why I am here for. Okay, that’s one of my favorite topics of all time. Let’s do this.

German Shepherd is eating his favorite food
Oh yeah, that’s what I am talking about!
Credit- Giphy

What makes a dog food good food?

We love meat. This is not something we joke about, we take this very seriously. However, What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd is the food that contains meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits. We, like any other creature, need all of the nutrients that we can get to stay healthy.

Not to mention that good food should be gentle on our stomach, cause no upsets in our digestive system, give us energy and keep our coats healthy and shiny. You know that we have different coat sizes and colors, right?

Yes. Actually, we also know about the other shepherd breeds, you guys are a very interesting breed.

Arf Arf Yeah I know! Could you please add some food to my bowl?
Yes, sure.
Thank you, very tasty, remind me to take some with me for the road.

Do you guys eat everything?

We like to try new stuff. However, some of them are very toxic and others can be so dangerous for us. But not all of us know that, so you guys should pay attention to what you gave us, and what you should put it away; so we don’t eat while you are not here. You know it’s our thing.

What food you should keep out of your dog’s reach?

What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd and what is toxic? Dogs don't know
I just want to try some!
Credit: Giphy

Okay, so you need to pay good attention to this, human.


I know how much you guys love chocolate, and how much you love to share your food with us; okay, I mean how much we love to take your food from you, anyways, just don’t give us chocolates.

Chocolates are very toxic for us, especially the dark ones, cause it contains theobromine, and this thing causes kidney failure to us.


I really don’t know why humans put this stuff in their food, but whether you like it raw, cooked or dry; just don’t give this toxic food to me.

Those onions and garlic damages our blood cells and causes serious damage to us.


Well, you can ignore the fact that those artificial sweets are bad for your health too, but we cannot; because it can cause us a kidney failure then we will get very sick and die


Okay, let’s just agree that we don’t need that. It will destroy our nervous system, so if you were having fun with your friends and your dog insisted to join, just give him/her some water, she will be fine.


It’s tasty I know, but don’t eat it around us, we will be so interested in eating what you are eating, but those nuts can affect our muscles resulting in general weakness.

So, yes you can enjoy eating those stuff alone, but when it comes to other food; count me in.

German Shepherd needs love
Credit: GIPHY

How much should you eat every day?

Actually, it depends. We are a very active breed, but some of us work harder than others, you know that some of us work for the military, others in rescue or assistance, and some of us are just home pets.

Therefore, I can’t give you accurate numbers for the amount of food that every one of us needs, however, I can tell you that an active adult dog, according to the latest research, should eat a food with at least 18% protein and puppies should eat at least 22% protein.

Moreover, Omega 3 fatty acids help keep our skin and coat healthy. Another one thing you probably need to know about what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd is those sweet potatoes are amazing for our diet, it is low in carbs and tasty; we need that.

Wet Dog Food or Dry Dog Food?

Well, it is really hard to tell, because both of them are food; and we love food. However, I heard my owner once talking about how wet dog is more expensive than the dry food, which I can relate, too. It tastes more expensive.

German Shepherd eating food
We really love food!

However, Wet food contains much higher amounts of fresh food, tasty meat and delicious other stuff in it. But, you should keep it in the refrigerator once opened.

On the other hand, Dry dog food is more affordable, you can put it anywhere, doesn’t require a refrigerator, and it is tasty as well.

In other words, both dry dog food and wet dog food is perfectly fine to us, just you choose what is suitable for your budget, check with our veterinary to see what is the healthiest for us, depends on your dog’s need, life stage and its health.

How to Feed Your Dog According to Its age?

So, GSD tell us how can I feed my dog according to its age.

Well, as you all know, puppies will not eat the same amount of food that adult or senior dogs eat, which make sense, cause no way we are sharing the system digesting system. Not to mention, that puppies can’t chew like we seniors can, right?

Therefore, we can say that:

Puppies from 8-16 weeks

This is when you first meet your four-legged friend for the first time, oh I miss those days! Anyways, in that age puppies have to eat the balanced food, however, you can feed him some well-cooked rice and vegetables, with the high-quality dry food.

The perfect amount of food for Puppies is 3-4 meals each day, however, you can divide those meals into 2 big meals. Just make sure that you don’t feed them much, we need those puppies to grow up healthy, strong and active German Shepherd like us.

Puppies above 16 weeks

You can introduce them to more hard to chew food, it’s about time to encourage those little teeth to chew. However, keep an eye on him/her, if you saw that your dog is not enjoying what he/she ate, or not feeling well. Take baby steps on introducing them to the food, and ask his/her veterinary.

German Shepherd Puppy playing
Hey there!

You can start introducing them to animal products; ingredients like bones, raw egg, small pieces of liver. But, you should pay attention to the amount you give, and pay attention that you should check that with your German Shepherd Veterinarian, we need to make sure that your dog is taking all the benefits they need.

Dogs above 30 weeks

You should feed those big boys once or twice a day. Use a high-quality food, don’t hesitate to give them a full bowl of food, cause we in this stage are building muscles, exercising a lot and doing a lot of effort too, so we need to eat well.

At this age, you should begin introducing your 6/7 months old German Shepherd to his/her new diet, you can add ingredients like crushed bones and row eggs too, just in bigger amount, and don’t forget to check with his Veterinarian the new dry/wet food that you should start giving him/her according to their age needs

Senior Dogs

Well, in that age things can be little tricky, cause they eat less, because you know like you humans we get old, we prefer to rest more, do less effort, sit down and chill. We are getting old, and sometimes we lose our desire to eat.

a senior German Shepherd
Yes, tell them GSD.
Credit: Giphy

In that case, just let us do our thing, and be old, just do your checkups on us, make sure that all our functions are working well, and we are not sick or something.

After all of those checkups, if you found that we don’t need medicines; don’t worry about us, or about how we don’t eat much like before; we are just getting old and that is fine.

Do You Need A Lot Of Water?

A very important thing you should know about us, German Shepherd dogs, and any other dog breed. You really should pay attention to the amount of water we drink every day.

It is not all about food, we also need to keep our body hydrated, cause we are so active and we play a lot of exercises; if we are home pets, military dogs or rescue dogs, we need water.

Don’t wait till you hear to our loud breath, offer us water whenever you can; it helps us stay healthy, active and super relaxed. Don’t forget you are all that we have, so take care of our needs.

When You Should Worry?

We, German Shepherds, should stay fit and active, even when we are old; if you compared how active we are and how other dogs are active in that age; you will find that we are more active and we have a lot of energy.

Therefore, we can’t have obesity or lose too much weight. So, if you found that we are gaining so much weight in no time, and it started to affect our health; how we play, run and jump; that’s a problem.

And also if you noticed that your dog started to lose weight fast and became lazy, and there is a lack of energy you can see, then diffidently there is a problem here, too.

In both cases, you should ask for experienced help, your German Shepherd can be sick and you don’t know.

I am so glad we had this conversation, GSD, you have no idea how much you helped us know more about German Shepherds and What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd and how to help our beloved dogs live a happy life.

Sure, human, I also enjoyed our conversation, and I am so glad that I met such amazing people like you guys who actually care and love their German Shepherds. Just one more thing before you go, I have a question to your amazing audience:

What is your dog’s favorite food? Please, comment below and I’ll read the comments myself.

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