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White German Shepherd Abandoned in the Desert Gets Rescued [Video]

Hope for paws received a call about a white German being abandoned in the desert.

For four months, a group of people consisting of Barbie Henderson, Robin Smith, and Tracy McDaneld have been feeding the German Shepherd and trying to save her.

The German Shepherd ,Venus, was very afraid of humans and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her.

How did they try to rescue the Venus?

They try using a humane trap to capture her but they couldn’t catch her.

When they went to rescue Venus, She was drinking from water in a pond. She was constantly looking for food and water.

With temperature of about 100 Fahrenheit, she was all alone in the desert ; it was too hot and time was running up.

As a last option, the team asked Dr. Scott Amsel to help them dart the dog using a tranquilizer gun.

The Doctor was careful when he took the shot; he drove his car near her and made sure that he was close so he can take the shot.

He took the shot and Venus ran quickly; she was afraid that they were going to harm her. As fast as they can, the team of rescuers ran after Venus.

After two minutes of running, The tranquilizer has taken effect on Venus; she was struggling to get up and move so she lay down on the ground.

How did they move Venus?

They got a blanket and carried Venus on it. Together, the doctor and the rescuers rushed Venus back to the mobile vet unit.

They stabilized her temperature and condition. Then , they drove to a nearby hotel to stay the night with her.

They put pillows on the floor and lay her down waiting for her to wake up. She has woken up and was alright.

One of the rescuers stayed with her while she was in the hotel room.

German Shepherd

Venus’s trust

Slowly, he was trying to gain Venus’s trust. At first, the German Shepherd was afraid to trust him. However, the following day, Venus was more relaxed and trusting of her rescuer.

Venus’s transformation

Venus was heading to Los Angeles and was leaving the desert forever.

A man, Blake Bedirian, gave her a needed bath and facial wash making her coat look clean.

Venus was later adopted and lives a happy life in a forever home.

Here is a video showing Venus’s rescue:

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Welcome to my bio everyone, my name is Nada. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals because they are so loving and kind. All they need is you attention, love, and care but I didn't understand them very well because I didn't get the chance to raise them. Well, That changed when my family and I got our first dog Rocky, a German Shepherd. Rocky was fun and loving with funny quirks. Being loyal and protective of us, he made me see the nature of a German Shepherd. Now, we have another German Shepherd named Mia. She is a wonderful dog and a rescue who just needed a second chance in life. Mia has long grown from being a terrified dog to the brave and caring German Shepherd that she is today. P.S: Here is a picture of our beautiful German Shepherd, Mia.

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