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White German Shepherd: The Complete Profile

A White German Shepherd is quite rare and beautiful at the same time. They are highly athletic, intelligent, and beautiful making them a really great companion.

They have similarities and differences between them and the standard German Shepherds; they tend to have more similarities than differences when compared to the traditional German Shepherd.

However, they are only a variation from the German Shepherd breed; they aren’t a separate breed.

Here is a complete White German Shepherd profile covering everything that you need to know about them.

What causes a White German Shepherd?

The White German Shepherd is a result of a recessive gene that causes their whiteness.

Unlike the Black German Shepherd whose main color is black, the white gene acts like a mask that blocks your dog’s color causing the color to be white.

Are White German Shepherds rare?

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White German Shepherds are rare because the genes responsible for the white color are recessive.

Recessive genes are quite rare so when a White German Shepherd is born, it doesn’t occur all the time.

Breeding two White German Shepherds can result in a litter of White German Shepherds if they have the white gene.

Also, a breeder understanding German Shepherd’s coat color genetics can easily develop a White German Shepherd offspring.

Tempermanent and personality of White German Shepherd

The White German Shepherd has a very unique personality that is sensitive and confident.

They have a very composed personality; however, they can become alert and protective when the situation demands so.

The White German Shepherd is a joyful, active, and intelligent breed that is easy to train because of their ability.

They are quick learners who are cheerful, obedient, and eager to learn new things.

The White German Shepherd is very loyal to their family and loved ones because they consider them part of their pack.

Once, they consider you part of their pack including children and other pets, they are loyal for the rest of their lives.

However, they can be aloof of strangers but aren’t easily frightened by them.

Known for their confidence, they are very protective of their family and will do whatever they can do to protect them from danger.

The White German Shepherd can also be a working dog too.

They have above-average intelligence and athletic body that makes them easily trained to do any role that they are trained for.

This type of German Shepherd is a good family dog who will love your family and children.

Give every person in your family a role that they can do so they can get closer to your dog.

The appearance of a White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds are not albinos. They are white because they were born this way.

A White German Shepherd has a medium-sized body with a wedge-shaped head.

They also have raised up ears with strong muscles that make their body fit.

Their eyes color is dark brown and can sometimes be light brown color.

The weight of a male White German Shepherd is 35 to 40 kilograms while female White German Shepherd has a weight of 34 to 39 kilograms.

The height of a male White German Shepherd is 60 to 65 cm while the height of the female White German Shepherd is 55 to 60 cm.

As for their coat, the White German Shepherd is short-haired while long-haired German Shepherds are rare to find.

Exercise for White German Shepherds

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White German Shepherds require exercise require at least 2 hours of exercise per day.

You must exercise both their mind and body so they don’t get bored and destructive in their behavior.

Dog parents can exercise their dogs with activities such as a daily walk, jog, hiking, and playing games.

Here is a list of other physical exercises that you can let your White German Shepherd do:

  • Swimming
  • Agility
  • Biking with your dog
  • Dog sports

Other mental exercises that you can let your White German Shepherd do include:

  • Learning new tasks
  • Puzzle toys and Chew toys
  • Scent and nose stimulation

White German Shepherds can also accompany you in your outdoor exercise.

They can participate in games such as cricket, football, as well as other sports.

Just like other German Shepherds, if they don’t get the exercise that they need, they become destructive and chew on furniture, shoes, clothes, and other objects.

Training of White German Shepherds

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The White German Shepherd is a highly trainable dog breed who is very intelligent that they grab training commands easily.

They can easily be trained as puppies where you can include their training while they are outdoors in safe places such as the backyard.

This doesn’t mean that training an older German Shepherd dog is impossible.

You can train your German Shepherd puppy with simple basic commands.

As they grow into adult German Shepherds, you can teach them advanced basic commands.

Tips to train your White German Shepherd

1.) Use positive reinforcement

Always use positive reinforcement such as giving them treats and praise for following their training effectively.

If you scold your White German Shepherd, they will become afraid and aggressive affecting their confidence and spirit.

2.) Teach them basic obedience training

At any age, you have to first teach basic obedience commands so they know what certain commands mean and apply them when they hear them.

This ensures that your German Shepherd dog grows into well-adjusted dogs.

You can teach train them things such as crate and potty training so they get accustomed to being in a crate and avoid potty accidents.

After teaching them basic commands, you can move to teach them advanced obedience commands.

To know more about the obedience commands to teach your dog, check How to Train A German Shepherd on Basic Obedience Training and Much More!

3.) Socialization

Socialize your puppy or adult White German Shepherd by introducing them to new people, animals, places, and situations.

They will learn to interact without being afraid or aggressive.

Diet for White German Shepherd

A White German Shepherd needs as many as 2200 calories daily so they have enough energy and can stay healthy.

You can feed your White German Shepherd 3 to 5 cups of dog food that is of high quality.

If they are puppies, you got to feed them 3 to 4 times per day while giving them food to eat at different intervals throughout the day.

Like the standard German Shepherd, the White German Shepherd needs a diet that is rich in protein and fats with carbohydrates in moderation.

Protein, fats, and carbohydrates have amazing benefits on your dog’s body.

Protein keeps your dog’s bones and joints strong while fat and carbohydrates provide energy for their body.

To know more about the best German Shepherd food as a breed, check What is the best dog food for a German Shepherd

Grooming a White German Shepherd

When you have a White German Shepherd, they will shed their white hair around your house in objects such as furniture, shoes, and floors.

They are known for consistently shedding their coat. It gets worse when the weather becomes hotter where they lose their thick winter coat.

To avoid White German Shepherd shedding, you got to brush your dog’s hair daily.

You got to also limit how often you give your White German Shepherd baths because too much bathing will remove their natural oils causing irritation.

This leads them to shed even more hair. You got to also invest in a good vacuum cleaner to pick up hair from the carpet and floors.

You may actually need to vacuum daily the hair that falls in your house.

To groom your White German Shepherd effectively, you will need to trim their nails and clean your dog’s ears.

You got to start when your White German Shepherd is a puppy so they get accustomed to the process.

Health issues of White German Shepherd

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White German Shepherds have the same health issues as the standard German Shepherds.

The most common health issue that a White German Shepherd will have are hip and elbow dysplasia.

These health issues are oftentimes hereditary and can appear at any age. However, they are most apparent in older dogs.

There are other issues that they may have such as food allergies and flea allergies.

In some cases, they are also prone to develop eye diseases and Lupus.

If your dog has developed allergies or serious illnesses, they need to go to the vet so they can get treated easily.

Your vet will examine your dog through x-rays, physical exams, and blood tests.

White German Shepherd puppy

The White German Shepherd puppy, like all German Shepherd puppies, needs special care.

They will need to have a well-balanced diet, exercise, training, grooming, and companionship.

A White German Shepherd puppy isn’t very different from the standard German Shepherd puppy.

The only difference between both breed variation lies in the coat color and slight difference in temperament.

Comparison between a White German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd

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The White German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd have similar personalities and temperaments where they are very loyal and affectionate.

They are very intelligent and quick learners who can be easily trained.

Just like the standard German Shepherds, they have the same height and weight.


The main difference between the White German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd lies in the color.

White German Shepherds have the white color while the standard German Shepherd comes in black and tan color.

Some White German Shepherds don’t have double coats and aren’t recognized within the breed standard.

Are White German Shepherds aggressive?

No, White German Shepherds aren’t aggressive. They are rarely used in high-intensity jobs such as police dogs, guard dogs, or participants in dog sports such as Schutzhund.

However, they can work as watchdogs but their role is only limited to alerting you when someone is coming.

Another temperament fault is that they can be timid and capricious toward others.

Therefore, they need early socialization so they can learn to be confident around other strangers and situations that are unfamiliar.

Also, they rarely have a dominant personality; however, they will need a confident dog parent who knows how to lead and train them easily.

How long do White German Shepherds live?

On average, White German Shepherds live for 13 years old. They have good health depending on how they were bred.

Also, the diet and exercise that you give to your German Shepherd will affect their overall health.

Depending on their diet and exercise, they will either have health-related issues or not.

Facts about the White German Shepherd

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1.) The White German Shepherd isn’t an albino

Many people believe that the white coat color of the German Shepherd resulted from being albino.

However, this isn’t true. The White German Shepherd is caused by a recessive gene that masks their true color causing them to have a white coat instead.

While albino dogs result because their bodies can’t make melanin which gives them color in their eyes, skin, and hair.

The White German Shepherd isn’t albino because they have brown or gold eyes, pink or black skin, and a dark nose.

2.) The White German Shepherd isn’t a heavy shedder

The White German Shepherd doesn’t shed a lot like the standard German Shepherd.

Even though they have a longer coat than the traditional German Shepherd, they don’t shed as much as the latter does.

The reason is that the standard German Shepherd has a thicker undercoat that causes them to shed heavily than the White German Shepherd.

While the White German Shepherd has an undercoat that sheds but not as much.

3.) A White German Shepherd is a unique watchdog

A White German Shepherd is a different type of watchdog who keeps an eye on intruders or strangers.

They will alert you when there is danger; however, they won’t act aggressively or jump into action.

Of course, their behavior can be totally different and they may act aggressively depending on their training and socialization.

4.) A White German Shepherd is a barker

They are known to be loud barkers who tend to be very vocal. If you live in a neighborhood or like quieter dogs, the White German Shepherd isn’t suited for you.

Even though they can be trained to not bark excessively, they will still bark at times.

Black and White German Shepherd

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Black and white German Shepherds do exist; however, they are mostly black with a white spot in their chest.

They can also have white or brown markings in their paws and legs.

Black German Shepherd dogs with white markings can still mean that they are purebreds.

If you want to be sure that they aren’t mixed dogs, check with the breeder for the papers that identify them as purebreds.

White German Shepherd mixed with Husky

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When you mix a White German Shepherd with a husky, you can get a White German Shepherd husky mix.

The most effective way to get a White German Shepherd mixed with husky is by breeding two white-coated German Shepherds.

A White German Shepherd mixed with Husky can have both personality traits of a husky and a White German Shepherd.

Huskies are loyal, friendly, and alert while German Shepherds are calm, braver, and clever.

They are natural leaders who can at times be demanding and stubborn.

Also, they tend to bond greatly with one owner but can still be protective and loyal toward other loved ones.

Characteristics of White German Shepherd mixed with Husky

Both Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are incredibly smart with strong working abilities.

They need lots of exercises so they don’t become bored, frustrated, or destructive.

Training can provide them with the mental and physical stimulation that they need.

Dog parents may find it hard to handle them when they aren’t trained properly. Therefore, training is important so they grow into well-adjusted dogs.

They are very smart so they can learn both basic and advanced obedience commands very easily.

The White German Shepherd Husky mix can also fit in working roles such as being guard and watchdogs.

Related questions

1.) How much does a White German Shepherd cost?

A White German Shepherd costs more than black German Shepherds because they are much rarer.

While the average price for the standard German Shepherd puppy starts at $300 to $900 dollars, the White German Shepherd puppy’s average price is from $750 to $1000 dollars.

2.) Can White German Shepherds have blue eyes?

It’s really rare that White German Shepherds have blue eyes. However, it does happen.

Blue eyes are caused by a recessive gene that causes your White German Shepherd has blue eyes.

Some White German Shepherds have two blue eyes while others have one blue eye and the other eye has another color.


The White German Shepherd is an amazing color variation of the German Shepherd breed.

They are quite rare so their price is higher than the standard German Shepherd. They have a really unique personality and temperament.

Just like the standard German Shepherd, they require exercise, training, high-quality diet, grooming, and treatment from health issues.

Share your experience. Do you have a White German Shepherd and how do you care for them?


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